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11 Top Destinations for River Rafting in India

River Rafting in India

Anyone may feel a pleasant fear when they sit in a raft with the paddle in hand and the raft is passing through a rumbling river between the mountains. River Rafting or White Water Rafting is one of the most famous extreme adventure sports in all over the globe. The great Himalayan regions of India have many beautiful destinations which are quite popular among adventure seekers for River Rafting and Kayaking. Most of these destinations lie in top Northern and North-Eastern part of the country. However, Southern part of India has also some of the best destination for River Rafting. We have come up with a selected list of such 11 top destinations for River Rafting in India.

Rafting in Zanskar (Ladakh Division), Jammu & Kashmir

Zanskar is one of the remotest valleys located in Ladakh division of Jammu & Kashmir at the altitude of approx 13000 feet above sea level. It is spreading in the total area of 5000 km². River Rafting is one of the most searchable adventure activities in Zanskar valley followed by trekking in winter on frozen surface named ‘Chadar Trek’. Rafting mainly starts from Padum (Sub-Tehsil of Zanskar) and end at Zimo. The River Zanskar passes through on both side gigantic vertical mountains along with some isolated area of Ladakh region. River Rafting in Zanskar offers rapid of grade I to grade IV which gives a thrilling experience to the adventure lovers. The rafting activity ends at the point where River Zanskar & Indus River joins together.

Zanskar River Rafting in Ladakh
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Rafting in Indus (Ladakh Division), Jammu & Kashmir

Indus River offers again one of the best and breathtaking river rafting experience in Ladakh division of Jammu & Kashmir. The Indus River begins close to the Mount Kailash and the Mansarovar Lake located in Tibet. From June to August-September, the water level rises and it is considered the most favorable time for rafting expedition in Indus. One can enjoy the spectacular and magnetic view of mountains, monasteries across the river.

Rafting on Indus River in Ladakh
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Rafting in Beas (Kullu-Manali), Himachal Pradesh

River Beas in Manali offers a perfect venue for river-related adventure sports and rafting is one among them. Rafting and Kayaking can be done on Beas from April to Mid June. River Rafting in Manali has a great and unique feature i.e. It welcomes every visitor to do Rafting in Beas because of good rapids where even a beginner can enjoy this adventure without any trouble. Manali attracts visitors because of its bordering scenes containing staggering Himalayan mountains, falling Beas waterway and admirable stream rafting camps with all the vital amenities convert this spectacular hill station into a perfect destination for amateurs and additionally passionate adventurists as well. Rafting in Beas offers mainly three type of rapids from II to IV which are good for the beginners and professional individuals. Anyone can enjoy rafting in Beas with an average stretch starting from 2 to 14 km.

White Water Rafting on Beas River in Manali
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Rafting in Kali-Sharda (Pithoragarh-Kumaon Region), Uttrakhand

Kali which is also popularly known as Sharda river originates in the Pithoragarh district under Kumaon division of Uttrakhand. Kali river is very famous in Nepal with the name of Mahakali. This river makes a natural eastern border line between India & Nepal. Going through the lush green forest the outing offers a rich flora & fauna, while rafting through the immaculate, and forsook environment. The major rafting points on the bank of Kali are located at Jhulaghat & Pancheswar. March, April, and May these months are very good for rafting at Jhulaghat while Pancheswar supports post snowmelt period starts from May to June or September to November. You can find the rapid level here on Kali between 2 to 5. These river rafting destinations are very popular among foreign travelers specially Pancheswar because this is also very popular destination for angling/fishing known for ‘Mahaseer’. Generally, Angling with river rafting could be planned at this place.

Rafting on Kali-Sharda River
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Rafting in Tons (Garhwal Region), Uttrakhand

Crystal clear and roaring waters of Tons river in Garhwal division will take you to the world of unforgettable adventure experience of white water rafting in the state of deities, Uttrakhand. Tons is the largest tributaries of sacred River Yamuna. You can start rafting campaign at Jaunsar Bawar area on the banks of the Tons river and feel the thrill of grade 4 rafting. With a normal rating amongst 3 and 4, it will likewise astound you with some 5 reviewed rapids. Presently this range is viewed as a standout amongst the most difficult white water rafting campaigns in India. You can find long and short haul routes for the rafting activity stretched between 7 to 20 km. The best time to participate in white water rafting in Tons river is from the month of March to July.

Tons River Rafting
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Rafting in Alaknanda, Srinagar (Garhwal Region), Uttrakhand

Before the union of the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi at Devprayag and formed holy Ganga, many tourists are seen in the beautiful small town of Srinagar to enjoy the white water rafting on Alaknanda river. Srinagar is approx 50 km away from Devprayag located on Rishikesh-Badrinath National Highway. There are some adventure camps available on the bank of Alaknanda river offers camping and rafting activities together. The range of rapid grade here at Srinagar from 1 to 4 which is good for the beginners and the professionals. Generally, people enjoy the rafting between Srinagar to Baghban (a Small village) situated at the distance of 13 km from Srinagar. However, some adventure enthusiast takes the challenge and participate in a long stretch of rafting from Srinagar to Devprayag. Summer season is supposed to be best for rafting on Alaknanda at this place.

Alaknanda River Rafting at Srinagar in Uttrakhand
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Rafting in Ganga, Rishikesh (Garhwal Region), Uttrakhand

Rishikesh is the only destination in India which has many features in terms of tourism and travel activities. Rishikesh is not only the spiritual capital of the world but it has also some of the fantastic spots for adventure lovers. Rafting in Rishikesh on the Ganges is one of the most popular adventure activity among youths. It attracts a huge number of domestic & foreign tourists every year. Rafting season starts in the month of March and all the adventure camps located close to the bank of Ganga river gets full by the tourists especially on weekend. Rishikesh has a major advantage that is closeness from Delhi, NCR & Chandigarh and therefore in the mean time all adventure & rafting camps generates good business from March to June. You can do river rafting in Rishikesh at Shivpuri which starts here and end at Laxmanjhula. It is 16 Km long stretch. Second major rafting point is supposed to be at Marine drive to (Laxmanjhula) Rishikesh which covers a distance of approx 26 km. Apart from these two major river rafting spots in Rishikesh, you may proceed ahead and reach Byasi and Kaudiala to get high rapid on river Ganga. These places are also popular among adventure lovers. During river rafting in Rishikesh, you can also enjoy the thrill of cliff jumping at a famous spot to do it. It offers the rapid grade from 1 to 3 which is very good for rafting activity in Rishikesh on river Ganga.

Rafting on Ganga in Rishikesh
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Rafting in Brahmaputra, Arunachal Pradesh

Brahmaputra river is an ultimate choice for white water rafting in Arunachal Pradesh and therefore it is one of the best destination for rafting in India. The great Brahmaputra river is supposed to be one of the best rivers on the earth, offers incredible rafting experience through thick rainforests & great mountain range. The waterway Subansari, the greatest tributary of the Brahmaputra additionally offers a stupendous rafting campaign through profound crevasses and a portion of the remote regions of Arunachal Pradesh in North-East India. The second most important tributary of the Brahmaputra in Arunachal is Lohit which has also perfect rapids for rafting in Arunachal Pradesh. However, furious rates of the rivers in Arunachal are undoubtedly unmatched and uncultivated. Just experienced rafters who have achieved grades at least four or more are encouraged to tread these waters for the sake of thrilling entertainment. The famous rafting route on Subansari starts from Taliha to the Northern part of Daporijo and on Dibang it begins from Anini to Border area of Assam.

White Water Rafting on Brahamputra in Arunachal Pradesh
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Rafting in Teesta, Sikkim & Darjeeling

The tough Teesta River, the primary river of Sikkim which leads to Darjeeling, and Kalimpong hills area, with a progression of rapids with fluctuating force, has been globally rated as Grade 4. A tributary of the Teesta is river Rangit, which offers a test to more experienced rafters. In Teesta, river rafting is limited to the winter months, amongst October and April. Early summer is perfect duration for white water rafting and Kayaking in Teesta river. You will definitely find beauty at the best during your rafting expedition in Sikkim because of some incredible splendor surroundings.

Rafting on Teesta River in Sikkim
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Rafting in Barapole (Coorg), Karnataka

If you are looking for a rafting destination in the western ghat, Barapole in Coorg will not disappoint you as this is one of the best river rafting spots of south India. Some of the tiny rainy rivers give the power to the main source to flow with beauty and thrill together and therefore It offers a very nice rafting adventure in Monsoon and post-Monsoon season. Generally, the water rapid grade level here is between 2 & 4.

River Rafting on Barapole River in Coorg
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Rafting in Kundalika (Kolad), Maharashtra

Kundalika, a tiny river begins at a tiny town named Bhira in Maharashtra that is approx 150 km away from Mumbai is quite popular among rafters. Kolad is the famous rafting destination lies on the bank of Kundalika river. The river flowing from the Sahyadri mountain range and finally meet in the Arabian Sea. There are so many industries located near the bank of Kundalika and therefore a high amount of river’s water used by them. However, adventure enthusiasts have found a unique way to get the thrill of river rafting on Kundalika river. Mulshi dam is built on this river. Rafting is organized on the stream utilizing the rapids created by the surging water discharged from the Mulshi dam. One can enjoy a rafting activity with the rapid grade level of 2 to 3. You can experience rafting stretch over 14 km and can be delighted in throughout the day in the rainy season. You can also wait for releasing water from the dam & plan your rafting on Kundalika river with the help of dam’s administration team. Rafting here is in some cases inaccessible in summer’s peak period when the water turns out to be rare.

Kundalika River Rafting
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Important Safety Measures in Rafting/Kayaking/Cliff Jumping

The first and most important condition is to wear life jackets for participating in any adventure sports related to water.

Before participating in the rafting campaign, one ought to complete a throughout health assessment; fitness is very necessary for rafting.

As much as possible, try to stay on the surface of the water and avoid getting into the water.

Don’t consume alcohol or any other intoxicants between your rafting sessions.

Listen to your rafting guide and follow the directions carefully.

Wear the clothes as per guide’s instructions including shoes or sandals to avoid any problem.

Peoples who do not know the swimming & minors can also experience the rafting activity if they follow all the given instructions by the guide on site.


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