12th International Tripitaka Event Begins in Bodhgaya

12th International Tripitaka begins in Bodhgaya

12th international tripitika bodhgaya

The 12th international Tripitaka worship (pooja) begins in Bodhgaya on 2nd of December. The 10 days lasting event is dedicated to lord buddha teachings, is being participated by devotees from 13 countries.

The famous Tripitaka pooja enters the 12th year in a row. This year governor of Bihar Ramnath Kovind officially announced the beginning of the event by lighting candles in a function organized under the holy bodhi tree in Bodhgaya.

Speaking on the occasion, He said that there are 1500 places of Buddhist interest in Bihar making it a front-runner to restore its glory as a Buddhist spot it used to be in ancient times. The state government is developing transportation facilities and conducive environment to boost tourism in Bihar.

He further added that on 13th of December, history would be made when devotees travel to the jethian in gaya.

He said that today once again we need to learn from teachings of buddha in order to get rid of our greed and selfishness.

About Tripitaka

Tripitaka is basically a collection of teachings of lord buddha. The puja is performed by enchanting these teachings in the form of mantra. Started in 2004, The aim of Tripitaka pooja in Bodhgaya is to preserve the rich heritage of buddha teachings at the place where he underwent enlightenment. The famous mahabodhi temple has been decorated with flowers on the occasion.

Devotees from Buddhist community participating in the event have come from different countries including India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, China, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Bhutan and Bangladesh. The concerned authority has provided accommodation facilities by constructing separate tents for devotees from different countries.

Bodhgaya is a holy pilgrimage for followers of Buddhism across the world. Every year devotees from several countries throng Bodhgaya in order to participate in different religious events including the Tripitaka worship. It is located at a distance of 100 Kms from Patna.


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