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5 Archaeological Excavation Sites in Bihar

Archaeological Excavation Sites in Bihar

Bihar has a rich heritage of ancient history and that’s why when it comes to exploring places associated with history different archaeological excavation sites spread through the length and breadth of the state are the major attractions. Travel News India recommends 5 archaeological excavation sites in Bihar you must explore as a tourist.


One of the pride of india, Nalanda is regarded as the world first center of education and learning as an university. Today the remains of ancient nalanda university ruins is an UNESCO archaeological site and among the famous tourist places in bihar.

Nalanda University Ruins

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Barabar Caves

Constructed during mauryan empire rule between 322 BC to 187 BC, These caves affiliated to be associated with buddhism are great example of rock cut caves and an important archaeological excavation site. Constructed in the contemporary form of buddhist architecture, these caves are great to explore as a tourist.

barabar caves gaya

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Regarded as the world first republic, Vaishali used to be the capital and most important city of Lichchavi during mauryan rule. This place has multiple archaeological excavation center and has unearthed monuments and structures of that period. The place is associated with both buddhism and jainism.

Important Places to Visit in Vaishali

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Often known as Kumhrar park or kumhrar archaeological site and complex, This place is located in patna and best known for excavated 80 pillars assembly hall where third buddhist council was held in 250 BC during mauryan empire rule over magadh.

Kumhrar Archaeological Excavation Site

Apart from this, Kumharar park museum is a major attraction and among the best places to visit in bihar


Established in 8th century by Pala dynasty ruler, Vikramshila was regarded as the best learning center and an institution of excellence after the decline of ancient nalanda university. Today, Its ruins located in antichak village of bhagalpur district tells the story of its glorious heritage.

number of vikramshila votive stupas

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