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7 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Raipur

7 Best Places to visit in Raipur

Travel News India is once again in front of you along with the list of Best tourist places to visit in Raipur (2017)

Raipur, the capital city of Chhattisgarh is one of the fastest growing city in India. With the rapid industrial expansion of the city, Naya Raipur (New Raipur) existed apart from the old city area and expressively playing the role of commercial as well as the industrial capital of Chhattisgarh. Basically, Raipur is among the six capital cities in India selected for the development in a well-planned manner. Apart from an important industrial capital city, Raipur is also considered a very important place in terms of travel and tourism. Many good spots in & around Raipur have been eternally attracting a huge volume of tourists.

 Mahant Ghasidas Museum

Mahant Ghasidas Museum Raipur

The museum was built in 1875 by King Abbot Ghasidas (Mahant Ghasidas). Toady, It is one of the major attractions in Raipur. It is comprised in one of the finest museums in the state. Visitors can see the ancient coins, the sample of weapons, rare ancient carved sculptures. The museum has also the treasure of books with other study materials, have been kept separately in a form of library.  This two story building was renovated by Abbot Ghasidas’s wife and his son in the year 1953 and finally presented as an important museum which is operated by state govt.

Swami Vivekanand Sarovar

Swami Vivekanand Sarovar RaipurImage Credit

The lake is as old as the city of Raipur. It is locally called ‘Burha’ lake (old lake). It is also the largest lake in Raipur. 37-foot high statue of Swami Vivekananda at the lake whose name remains the largest sample of sculptures have been registered in the Limca Book of the world records. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride on the lake at peaceful and serene surrounding along with few water based lite adventure activities There is a hermitage just 2.5 km away from the lake dedicated to Swami Vivekanand and it is also a center of education and being using to teach about his ideology.

Doodhadhari Monastery and Lord Rama Temple

Dudhadhari Monastery RaipurImage Credit

Doodhadhari monastery is situated in the southern area of Raipur on the bank of Maharajbadh River. This monastery is dedicated to Swami Balbhadra Das, who is accepted to have survived just on ‘milk’ (doodh in Hindi), consequently, loaning the place its name. There is also a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Rama which is known to be constructed by King Jaitsingh in about mid-seventeenth century. The temple is appreciated for its flawless wall paintings and fragile carvings. This spot attracts a huge crowd of travelers throughout the year so this is one of the best tourist places to visit in Raipur.

 Budhapara Lake

Budhapara lake is supposed to be constructed by the emperor of Kalchuri King Brahmedi in beginning of 15th century. visitors can have a good time at this lake because of serene and peaceful surroundings. Currently, Budhapara lake has become one of the famous weekend getaways of Raipur where tourist reach and reduce their tension occurred by an overcrowded and unpeaceful environment of everyday city life.

Mahamaya Temple

One of another major attraction in Raipur is Mahamaya Temple which is dedicated to Goddess Mother Durga, located in old fort area of the city. Lies along the banks of the Kharun river, this temple is crowded with devotees throughout the year. The view of this temple, especially during Navratri gets fully devotional. Goddess mother Mahamaya (Durga) is accepted to be the exemplification of the many forces of Lord Shiva and in addition that of Lord Vishnu. Whenever you‘re in Raipur you should visit the temple of the mother Mahamaya at least once and take her blessing.

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Mana Tuta Science Park

Mana Tuta Science Park in Raipur

A nice tourist spot where travelers can have a great fun with science. Mana Tuta science park is about 15 km away from the railway station of Raipur. You can enjoy a whole day at this place and get the chance to see the power of science in an incredible ambiance. You can learn various lesson of science with fun at this famous tourist place close to Raipur city.

Nandan Van Nature Center

Nandan Van is the latest attraction of Raipur recently inaugurated for the visitors. This beautiful zoo is attracting many tourist these days and gaining popularity as one of the best places to visit in Raipur among people. You can see a variety of animals in this zoo which is developed and maintained by wildlife division of Raipur. This is approx 25 km away from the main town and very good road accessibility. On the weekend, Nandan Van witnesses a good crowd of families especially kids.

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