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Ajatshatru Fort Rajgir

A glimpse of ajatshatru fort in rajgir

Ajatshatru Fort located in rajgir was built by the king Ajatshatru during his rule over the magadh empire around 2500 years ago in 6th century BC. He was contemporary to Lord Buddha. It was built in a rectangular shaped with four corners and each corner is covered with stone tower & walls is about 60 Meter long & 2 Meter broad square. Ajatshatru fort is regarded as one of the most ancient forts in india.

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According to popular legend, Ajatshatru had imprisoned his father in a jail built inside this fort after succeeding his throne known as bimbisar jail today. Bimbisar was a great admirer of buddha and he chose the place for imprisonment so that he could see Lord Buddha ascending the gridhakuta peak to deliver his sermons every morning.

The Ajatshatru fort as it’s popularly known today is having its existence in ruins and hardly seems to be a fort in first glance. However, it’s a great place to visit and a major tourist attraction in rajgir.


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