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Ancient University Odantapuri Ruins

Odantapuri University Ruins

Ancient Odantapuri University Ruins located on hiranya prabhat parbat in bihar sarif is also known as odantpura vihar or odantapuri buddhist mahavira.

Founded in 8th century by emperor Gopala of Pala Dynasty, It was basically one of the sixth universities in ancient India established primarily for the purpose of propagatingĀ  Buddhist learning and teachings. Apart from this, It is also regarded as the second oldest university after Nalanda established in ancient times.

Odantapuri vihar is comparatively a lesser known important tourist destination in bihar as we still know little about this place.

Odantapuri History

What we know today about Odantapuri history is primarily from the sources of books written by Tibetan and Chinese travelers during that period. According to Tibetan books there were 12000 students at odantpuri. Acharya Sri Ganga who used to be a student of Vikramshila university, later on he joined Odantapuri and regarded as one of the famous alumni of this university.

It remained in existence as a great learning center for Buddhist teachings for almost four centuries. In 1193 AD when Notorious Muslim Turkish invader Bhakhtiyar Khilji found this university, he mistakenly believed it as a fortress due to its long walls and ordered his army to destroyed it. This was the same time when nalanda university too was set on fire by his army. His misdeeds proved to be the last nail in the coffin for both the glorious university of ancient india. This led them to undergo almost oblivion for more than six centuries until excavation started in 19th century.

Location: How to reach

Odantapuri university ruins is located in bihar sarif, The headquarter of nalanda district atĀ  distance of 18 Kms from famous tourist place rajgir and approximately 15 Kms from ancient nalanda university ruins. Its distance from patna is 70 Kms. Bihar sarif is well connected by roads and railway network. Tourists can use either medium to reach there. Patna is also the nearest airport.

Best time To Visit Odantapuri

Between October and march. Remained opened for tourists between 9 AM to 5 PM.


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