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Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Golden Monastry in Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal pradesh tourism offers diversified places enriched with mesmerizing waterfalls, high mountains, dense forests, wildlife and tribal cultural heritage.

Arunachal Pradesh is located in far most North-eastern part of India and comprised in one of among all 29 states of India. It shares the international border with China in north, Burma in the east and Bhutan in the west along with domestic borders with Nagaland and Assam to the south. When we talk about Arunachal Pradesh, it holds the largest physical position in North-Eastern region of India. Nature has blessed Arunachal Pradesh with incredibly enchanting landscapes and therefore tourists who come to visit Arunachal Pradesh generally say that Arunachal is the most beautiful sister among all seven sisters’ states of this region. The state of Arunachal Pradesh also known as the orchid state of country which is supposed to be paradise for the botanists. Arunachal Pradesh tourism offers to explore its rich culture and tradition which is diverged in nature and it can be imagined from the many numbers of spoken languages even highest in Indian subcontinent.

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism (Historical-tourism)

According to Modern history Arunachal Pradesh has been centre of territory dispute between India and China since British rule.  Twang is core area of this dispute because China refused the boundary of McMahon Line which drew by Sir Henry McMahon, a British administrator in 1914 during Shimla conference. This international border is 890 km long which spaced out India and outer Tibet. Both these govt went ahead with this agreement but China always said that Tibet was not an independent state and without our assent they could not have signed any such agreement as per Anglo-China 1906 and Anglo-Russian 1907 convention. However, Dalai Lama clarified his position in 2008 on behalf of Tibet and said that as far as Tibet was concerned “Tawang is part of India”. But during the war between India and China in 1962 the People’s Liberation Army already occupied all areas of Arunachal Pradesh and announced a one-sided ceasefire and withdrew, accepting the current international border.

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism : (Geo-tourism)

Approx all the part of Arunachal Pradesh is surrounded by great Himalayas. From north to southern part all area are covered by mountains and divide the region into five valleys of River including the Kameng, the Subansiri, the Siang, the Lohit and the Tirap. All these rivers are the great source of water by Himalayan snow and useful to get the hydropower in the region. Tsangpo river name changed into Brahamputra in India as it joined by the Lohit and Dibang River in Assam. Himalayan mountain ranges separate Arunachal Pradesh from Tibet in eastern part. These mountain ranges extend toward Nagaland, and figure a boundary between India and Burma in Changlang and district of Tirap stand-in as a natural wall called Patkai Bum Hills. They are low range of Himalayan Mountain compared to upper Himalayas. The climate of Arunachal Pradesh varies from extreme to moderate stage and it mainly occurs due to altitude changes from high to low. We may compare some area that are on high altitude have an alpine climate from tundra climate. At middle Himalayan ranges people experiences moderate stage of climate and at the lower Himalayan region climate is generally humid or subtropical type as usual gentle winter and warm summer. Entire mountain region of Arunachal Pradesh is full of rich forests with many valuable species such as fir, pine oak, teak etc. Arunachal Pradesh annually receives heavy rainfall between ranges of 2200 to 4100 mm generally between May to September.

Tourism in Arunachal Pradesh:

Arunachal Pradesh Tourism offers various activities within state too along with entire North-Eastern part of India because of its rich biodiversity, culture and tradition. We may say that Arunachal Pradesh is the richest bio diversified place because it lies in east Himalayan region which is supposed to be heaven for the researchers and botanists.

Many of the wildlife centuries and national parks attract a huge number of tourists from the globe every year including Namdapha tiger reserve in the district of Changlang. In diverse and huge green forest of Arunachal Pradesh; here are more than 5000 different plants, over 500 species of birds, approx 90 species of earthly mammals and huge number of insects, reptiles & butterflies found. At different elevation, it supports many rare medicinal plants which are being used by locals since ancient period.

Famous Tourist spots under Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

There are many famous tourist attractions in Arunachal Pradesh whether it is related to pilgrimage tour, adventure holidays or simply a fun filled holiday for families. When we talk about the most famous tourist spot and activities under Arunachal Pradesh Tourism, the first name comes in mind is Tawang which is located at the altitude of 3000 meter from sea level and supposed to be a divine town with a beautiful Buddhist monastery.

Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Pilgrimage sites of attraction under Arunachal Pradesh Tourism include “Parshuram Kund” located in district of Lohit near bank of Lohit River. This is a lake where Lord Parshuram washed his sins as explained in “Puranas”. Rukhmininagar is also a famous tourist spot close to Roing, where Lord Krishna’s wife Rukmini used to live as per Hindu Mythology. Every year In month of January and the occasion of ‘Makarsakranti’, there is festival takes place and many devotees take sacred dip along with huge number of saints which generates good revenues too for Arunachal Pradesh Tourism department.

For the tourists and travellers who search a paradise for different adventure activities, Arunachal Pradesh has very wide range of these spots which are able to fulfil the traveller’s need. River rafting, angling, boating, hiking and long/short trekking are most general tourism activity in this region. Travellers can enjoy the trekking as per their choice. Few famous trekking routes under Arunachal Pradesh Tourism are Itanagar to Pandighat via Along, Aalo to Yomcha (Long stretch), Tezpur- Se La Pass etc. So many beautiful waterfalls located at different part of Arunachal Pradesh but Nuranang waterfall of Tawang is the huge one. It fall down from approx 100 meter of height and produce a stunning view but it is yet to be explored by unknown travelers and tourists. Other famous name of Nuranang waterfall is Bong Bong falls. Nuranang water fall is very close to beautiful lake named Sangetser which is located between Tawang- Bomdila main routes near town of Jang.

Golden Monastry at Namsai in Arunachal Pradesh

Currently the Jawahar Lal Nehru Museum of Itanagar has become one of the major tourist attractions of the regiondue to its rich and rare collections. The district of Namsai has very popular among tourists for the golden pagoda monastery. Sela Lake which is located near Bomdila is very famous for its bamboo bridges overhanging the Siang River.

How to Reach Arunachal Pradesh:

Accessibility to Arunachal Pradesh by any mode of transport has been a bit tougher even since after long year of independence but from past few years Govt. Of India seriously working on it and consequently now we are able to access remote area of Arunachal Pradesh by Air, Road and Rail network. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently flagged off the first ever train to Itanagar from National capital New Delhi along with major announcement to expand the rail network to Twang. For the quick achievement of well connectivity to entire North-Eastern region through all major mode of transportation system, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has formulated first ever a free independent ministry that is working fine in this regard to boost the Arunachal Pradesh Tourism too.

Due to good funding by central govt, approx all the places of Arunachal Pradesh have been connected to Assam and all major towns have their own bus terminals to move anywhere in the region. It has increased trading and tourism activities in Arunachal Pradesh. There are two major highways working fine in Arunachal Pradesh. First one is 336 km long NH-52 which connects Jonai with Dirak and second one is connects Tejpur in Assam to Twang. This is supposed to be entry point for Arunachal Pradesh. Due to heavy rainfall and throughout hilly area the landslide takes place in entire region which is a big hurdle to easy accessibility. However, being a tourist you can enjoy the road journey not only in Arunachal Pradesh but in all seven states of North-East India.

If tourists wish to enter in Arunachal Pradesh by their own vehicle, they should have the ILP i.e. Inner Line Permits and it is easily available at any of its check point on the border area through Assam. Although border dispute with China is concern particularly at line of Tibet so the troupe of Indian army always presents there at border for security reasons.

Tawang Tourist Destination in Arunachal Pradesh

Itanagar Airport has kept on the top priority by central govt. A Greenfield project to develop the airport at Holongi at an estimated value of Rs. 6.5 Billion in pipeline. The existing state airports are not operational and rarely use for the supply of foods in remote area of the region by Indian Air force and other VIP movement. After development of this project Arunachal Pradesh Tourism will become more accessible & enthusiastic to explore its various attraction.

Newly Built Railway Station Near Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh Tourism

Where to Stay in Arunachal Pradesh:

Although Arunachal Pradesh Tourism has a wide range of accommodation facility at different tourist destinations those welcome the travelers to stay with all major amenities however, averagely a tourist spend 2 to 3 Room Nights particularly at most famous destination ‘Tawang’. Hotels in Tawang provide major services to delight the travelers at every move. Tourist may choose their accommodation in different hotels as per their budget and other requirements. Beside Tawang, there are very good hotels and resorts are also available in major tourist place such as capital town Itanagar, Bomdila, Ziro, Namdapha National Park, Pasighat, Along etc.

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