ASEAN Views India as big Cruise Tourism Market

ASEAN Views India as big Cruise Tourism Market

ASEAN Views India as big Cruise Tourism Market

Reviewing after the good potential and future prospects of cruise tourism, the 10 members states of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) have been restated the pledge towards the development of the entire area into a lively destination for cruising. They have collectively agreed to give a boost to cruise tourism as a trending product.

Singapore’s trade & industry minister, Mr. S. Ishwaran said at a press conference which was held for ASEAN’s tourism ministers that ASEAN countries have targeted to link 4.5 million travellers from cruise tourism by 2035. For this, all member states will work together for infrastructure development along with the overall growth of coastal areas including the training and better use of human resource. “ASEAN knows the importance of India as an existing market for promoting inbound tourist traffic to cruise tourism in the region along with Republic of Korea, Japan, and China”, he added.

All the Ministers have decided to take greater advantage of online/digital marketing and maximize the accuracy and transparency in tourism related statistics. “A year ago, 4.50 Lakh travellers were evaluated to have cruised through the area. It is overwhelmed by intra-ASEAN go by 40% and furthermore explorers starting from countries, for example, India, Japan, china and the Republic of Korea,” Ishwaran concluded.

In the current year, ASEAN hopes to receive 123 millions travellers from the globe. The figure is expected to conclude 116 million inbound travellers in 2016-17 with a growth of 6.5% over the year 2015-16.

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