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Bamleshwari Mata Temple, Dongargarh

Bamleshwari Mata Temple at Dongargarh

Enemies will destroy and you would get the strength to fight against any difficulties by the blessings of the Bamleshwari Mata

A very famous temple dedicated to Mother Bamleshwari (Bamleshwari Mata) is situated at the elevation of approx 1600 feet from sea level at Dongargarh that lies in Rajnandgaon district of Indian state Chhattisgarh. The mountain where the temple is located is Chhattisgarh’s highest point and also known as Dongargarh temple. Bamleshwari Mata temple is comprised in one of the major attraction of religious tourism not only in Chattisgarh but also in India. Bamleshwari Mata temple is divided into two separate complexes, first, is called Badi Bamleshwari which lies on the mountain’s top and the second one is lies at the base called as Chhotti Bamleshwari.

Though pilgrims come here throughout the year, but on the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami and Navaratri the crowd of devotees increases for special prayers. Jyoti Kalash (a kind of special lighting) is the main traditional attraction of Bamleshwari Mata temple. Aarti has a very special significance in this temple. Devotees sing the Bamleshwari Mata song with the flame of fire and the sound of croc-bells. Here is a different view particularly on these holy festivals. The second most unique thing of this temple is the process of doing Havan (prayers to God in front of fire). Devotee uses red pepper in Havan’s incense because they believe that due to this process, mother goddess destructs the enemies.

Kamkandala Pond at Dongargarh

The Legendary History of Bamleshwari Mata Temple

Almost 2000 years ago, Veersen was the king of Dongargarh. The King had no trouble in their kingdom affairs. He had only one concern of childlessness which had depressed him. After sometimes, upon the advice of kingdom’s priests, Veersen participated and performed special prayer to the different God & Goddesses. After a year, the result came and queen gave birth to a beautiful son. They named him ‘Madansen’. Veersen understood that this blessing has given by Lord Shiva and therefore he built a grand temple here dedicated to Lord Shiva & Bhagwati Durga.

A Love Story of Kamkandla and Madhvanal Associated with Bamleshwari Mata Temple

After Madansen the throne had gone to his son Kamsen. History says that Raja Kamsen was a great ruler and quite popular among the parallel kings. He had got a pleased blessing from Bamleshwari Mata. He was also a great lover of music & art. Kamkandla was a very famous dancer under his rule. Madhvanal was another pioneer musician that time. Once the king was pleased with both the artist and gave his necklace in the form of reward to Madhvanal but he hand over the necklace to Kamkandla with all the credits of performance. After this incident, the king felt insulted himself and kicked out Madhvanal from the state’s boundary. However, both the artists used to meet and maintain the secrecy. Once Madhvanal went to the of King of Ujjain ‘Vikramaditya’ and won his mind with the great musical performance and demanded to free Kamkandla from Kamsen as a reward.

First of all King Vikramaditya tested the bonding of love between them and found authentic. After that, he sent a message to the king Kamsen to look into the matter. King Kamsen refused to free Kamkandla. Thus, the war got started between Vikramaditya and Kamsen. Both the kings were a great warrior. One side Vikramaditya was a true devotee of Mahakaal, while the other, Kamsen was also a true devotee of Vimla Mata. They just memorized their deity and Mahakaal and mother goddess Vimla came to the help of their worshipers. Mahakaal got an idea of the consequences of the war, therefore, he prayed Vimla Mata to forgive Vikramaditya and disappeared together after uniting both the lovers.

Today, Vimla Mata known as Bamleshwari Mata and enthroned as the deity on hills of Dongargarh which has a supreme witness of the eternal power. Every devotee who came here on the door of Bamleshwari Mata blessed and get the strength to defeat enemies. Mother Bamleshwari is a form of Baglamukhi which is located in the beautiful hills of Kangra valley in Himachal Pradesh. Lord Ram did austerity here and was got the blessing to victory over Ravana.

Opening and Closing Time of Bamleshwari Mata Temple

Open early morning at 4 O’clock to 1 Pm & in Noon/Evening from 2 Pm to 10 Pm. Temple is continuously open from 4 Am to 10 Pm on Sunday.

Important to know

Devotees have to climb a total of 1100 stairs to reach the hill top temple of Mata Bamleshwari Devi.

For the convenience of visitors, There has been built a ropeway to reach the temple that is Operational from 8 Am to 2 Pm and again from 3 Pm to 7 Pm (Monday to Saturday). It operates on Sunday from 8 Am to 7 Pm.

On the special occasion of Navratri, Ropeway service continuously operational 24 X 7.

How to Reach Dongargarh Temple

Dongargarh is located approx 25 Km far from the district headquarter Rajnandgaon. The daily bus and taxi services are available from Ragnandgaon to Dongargarh.

Dongargarh Railway station lies on the Howrah-Nagpur-Mumbai route under Railway division of Nagpur (South-East-Central Railway).

The nearest airport is located in Raipur (state capital of Chhattisgarh). The Road distance between Dongargarh to Raipur is about 110 Km.

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