Bodhgaya Places to Visit, Must Visit Spots in Bodhgaya

9 Best Places to Visit in Bodhgaya

The Great Buddha is a must visit place in bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is the most holy place for the followers of Buddhism because of its profound connection with Lord Buddha.

This is the place where he attained enlightenment after wandering various places in search of answer to his self existence on earth and reasons behind the sorrows and joys of life. Bodh gaya is bihar most visited tourist destination due to its most sacred pilgrimage status for Buddhist community. Followers of Buddhism, across the world visit bodhgaya at least once in their lifetime to pray under the Bodhi Tree.

Bodhgaya is a great tourist destination not just because of its religious connection with buddhism but also due to its historical significance and its proximity with another Hindu Pilgrimage Gaya. It is located at a distance of 16 KM from Gaya and 110 KM from patna. Its distance from another important Buddhist Destination Rajgir is approximately 70 KM. Bodhgaya is situated at the banks of river lilajan which was known as niranjana in ancient and medieval period. Being an important international tourist destination, Bodhgaya is thronged with tourists across the world throughout the year. It has 9 places to visit which have deep connection with buddhism.

Mahabodhi Temple

Declared as world heritage site by UNESCO in 2002, Mahabodhi temple is the main attraction of bodhgaya. It was originally built by Emperor Ashoka in 266 BCE. It is believed that this is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment near a banyan tree.

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Bodhi Tree

Connected with one of the most significant event in buddha’s life, bodhi tree is a peepal tree under which he attained enlightenment. its an important pilgrims for buddhism and is believed to be grown from the stem of original tree planted in 288 BCE.

Great Buddha Statue

Also known as the gaint buddha, Its a 25 meters high statue of Lord Buddha sitting in a position of meditation. Completed in 1989 and behallowed by 14th Dalai Lama, Its a must visit place in bodhgaya.

Bhutan Monastery at bodhgaya

Also known as royal bhutan monastery or royal bhutan temple, located near mahabodhi vihar is an official temple by bhutan kingdom dedicated to lord buddha. The temple is a must visit site in bodhgaya due to its unique architect and presentation of different life stages of lord buddha using structure made up of clay.

Chinese Monastery

Also known as Chinese temple and monastery, This is a tribute to Lord Buddha from Chinese government at the place where he attained enlightenment. The temple reflects rich chinese architectural work amalgamated with buddhism with its own effect.

Thailand Temple and Monastery

Also known as Thai temple, This was built by monarch of thailand in 1956 as a gesture to strengthen the bilateral relationship with india. The architectural style of monastery is inspired from thailand and as of now the only such temple standing on indian soil and a popular tourist spot in bodhgaya.

Japan Nippon Temple Bodhgaya

Popularly known as Indosan Nippon Japanese Temple or Japanese Monastery, This temple is an official tribute to Buddha by japanese government. Located at a distance of 15 Km from bodhgaya, The temple is a major attraction.

Myanmar Monastery

Myanmar monastery is also known as Burmese monastery or vihara is a tranquil place for meditation. This is dedicated to Lord Buddha, and built by myanmar government.

Mucalinda Lake

A beautiful lake located near mahabodhi temple, mucalinda lake, also popularly called muchalinda or mucilinda lake is a major bodhgaya visiting place. This is famous for a king cobra snake sculpture at the middle of the lake.




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