Bihar government to develop 6 tourist circuits including Gandhi

Bihar government to develop 6 tourist circuits including Gandhi

Bihar government to develop 6 tourist circuits including Gandhi

The Bihar government has intensified efforts for the development of the half-dozen tourist circuits, including Gandhi. For this, the state tourism department is preparing DPR (Detail Project Report). It will be sent to the central government. For the development of these tourist circuits, state govt. will demand INR 50 to 200 crores.

From the tourism point of view; Kaanvariya Circuit, Jain Circuit, Gandhi Circuit, Ang Pradesh Circuit, Ramayan Circuit and Buddha Circuit are very important and therefore the Bihar govt. has planned to develop all these circuits. State govt. is doing a fine job to attract tourists to these places and preparing to develop the infrastructure to give the world class facilities for the tourists. State govt. is spending the money towards this project and also demanding extra fund to give a boost to the project.

For the development of Ang Pradesh Circuit, State govt. has sent the DPR to Central Govt and hoping to get the fund of INR 50 Crore. For the development of Jain and Kaanwariya circuit, the DPR has already sent. State govt. has already got the approval for the fund of INR 50 crores to each. In addition to these, state govt. is also preparing a DPR for Gandhi circuit, Ramayan circuit, and Buddha circuit. Bihar govt. has planned to demand INR 50 crore for Ramayan circuit, INR 100 crore for Gandhi circuit and INR 200 crore for Buddha circuit from centre. Although, a change could be possible in the amount of fund after deep consideration.

Currently, 6 Tourist Circuit has already existed in Bihar to boost Tourism

Tourist Circuit Area
Buddha Circuit East Champaran, West Champaran, Vaishali, Jehanabad, Gaya, Nalanda, Bhagalpur
Sufi Circuit Patna, Munger, Jehanabad, Rohtas, Nalanda
Jain Circuit Bhagalpur, Nalanda
Hindu Circuit Bhagalpur, Nalanda, Gaya, Banka, Jehanabad, Aurangabad, Sitamarhi, Kaimur

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