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Bihar Registered Record Tourists Arrival in 2016

Tourists arrival in bihar

3 Crore Tourists Visited the State in 2016

The number of tourists arrival in Bihar increasing every year. Whether domestic or foreign tourist, the different tourist destination in Bihar are luring them. Last year the number of tourists visiting Bihar reached on 3 Crore. It has more than 10 Lakh compared to the year 2015. The number of foreign visitors has also increased as reported.

Gaya and Bodh Gaya was on top in terms of foreign tourist arrivals

Patna district led in terms of receiving domestic tourists. Here more than 30 million tourists visited until November last year. In the case of foreign visitors, Gaya stayed on top again. By November 2016, over 2.5 million foreign tourists visited here. If you add the figure of Bodhgaya in this, the number crosses to over 4 million 60 thousand. After Patna & Gaya, the most tourists came to Rajgir, Bhagalpur, Muzaffarpur and Vaishali.

Tourism Department has released registered data until November 2016. 2.5 million tourists come to the state shown in the statistic by November. According to official sources, the figure has reached over 3 million after adding the numbers of December. The data is still coming from the districts for December 2016.

The number increased even after alcohol ban

It was being said that after banning on liquor the number of tourists arrival in Bihar will reduce but in compared to previous year, the total number of tourist arrival in Bihar has increased from April to November. Meanwhile, in September-October Patna and Gaya got a slight reduction in the number of tourists. Complete liquor ban was applied in the state since April 2016. If we talk about Patna, in the month of April 2015 there were 260583 tourists came here in compared to 285035 tourists in the month of April 2016. Here is increased by 24412. Only a slight decline has recorded in the total number of visitors in September and October which is increased in the month of November again.

More Foreign Tourists Arrived in Gaya’s Pitripaksh Fair

As per figure, Pitripaksh fair has received a huge number of tourists last year. Foreign tourists also came to participate in the fair in large numbers. There were only 26 foreign tourists came here in the year 2015 but in last year the total number has increased and reached a total of 3895 tourists.  Similarly, the number of domestic tourists has increased by approx 7 Lakh.

The number of tourists coming to Bihar in the Last 5 Years

Year Total Number of Tourists
2012 22544032
2013 22354141
2014 23373885
2015 28952855
2016 30000000 (Approx)


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