Bihar Tourism, Major Destinations, Places to Visit in Bihar..

Bihar Tourism, Places to Visit and Important Destinations

bihar tourism

Bihar Tourism has immense potential due to its diversified monuments and ancient, medieval and modern era landmarks spread throughout the state. Adding to this, the data released by the tourism ministry of india is a confirmation that approximately 24 million tourists across the globe visit bihar every year. Among the  well known landmarks and monuments , few pioneers are ancient nalanda university, bikramshila university, vaishali, patna sahib, pawapuri and bodhgaya etc.

Glorious History of Bihar

History of bihar takes us thousands of years back in time, when only few civilizations were having existence across the world. In ancient times, bihar was undergoing through a phase of transformation in terms of culture, education and power. It was bihar well known as “magadh” at that point in time made ground for Maurya Empire which in true sense spread its ruling throughout the most part of india and south asia and established india’s first ever central power. It was the time almost 500 BC, Bihar witnessed the birth of  one of the most liberal and widely accepted religion “Buddhism” which still is a symbol of compassion, peace and non-violence.  Today Buddhism is followed by more than 400 million people across the world. Even in medieval and modern Indian history, bihar has immense contribution in social, political and economical arena. The diverse and rich heritage of places of historical importance  spread throughout its length and breadth has contributed in growth of tourism in bihar by attracting tourists from all around the world.

How to Reach

Almost all parts of bihar is well connected by roads and railways network. A number of national highways pass through different parts of bihar and are linked with state highways as well. Remember bihar is a densely populated state and most of the roads in different cities are encroached and narrowed, therefore if you are planning a road trip to bihar, try to use compact or intermediate cars, although its not essential but you may face parking problems in some areas. Bihar is well connected by railway networks from other parts of india. Patna, Muzaffarpur, Gaya and Bhagalpur are major railway stations and having regular trains to  metros and A class cities across india. Patna is also well connected by air routes to all major cities and having direct or via daily flights to these locations.

Bihar Tourism offers many tourist destinations and best places to visit

Ancient Nalanda University

Ruins of Ancient Nalanda University


Bihar has multiple tourist destinations and landmarks which surprise you with great historical and religious significance. When you walk inside the gates of ancient ruins of nalanda university, you can actually imagine how this all would have looked 25oo years ago when students from all around india and asia have lived and studied there.

Rajgir : Land of Pilgrimage

Rajgir Places to Visit

Take a holy bath in hot water spring and enjoy various places to visit in rajgir having various sights of historical importance in close vicinity like Jarasandh Ka Akhara, Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Swarna or Son Bhandar( Gold Deposit) and many more. You can also relax yourself in Ghora Katora, a lake side picnic spot surrounded by rajgir hills. A wildlife safari park is also being constructed in rajgir where tourists can enjoy Jeep safari ride and get a glimpse of wildlife including tigers in open.

Pawapuri : Holy Jain Pilgrimage

Pawapuri sacred jain pilgrimage

Pawapuri is located few kms away from rajgir and is one of the major pilgrimage for followers of Jainism. The place is well known as the birth place of lord mahavir. A temple surrounded by lotus pond is the major attraction.

Kakolat Waterfalls : Beat the heat

Beat the heat in Kakolat water falls located in nawada district which cascades from a height of 30 feet. A very popular picnic spot well known for its fresh and cold water even during the extreme summer heat, can be visited between October to mid june.

Patna : Walk through the foot marks of history

 Golghar in Patna

Patna was known as patliputra in ancient times and used to be the capital of magadh empire. Patna is the major destination for tourism in bihar. Today patna offers tourists a glimpse of its glorious past by exhibiting many sculptures, monuments and landmarks as a result of multiple excavations in proximity. You can visit patna museum and see many of them including the famous ” chauri bearer ” or didarganj yakshi, a 24 inch tall sculpture of a woman excavated from the banks of ganga near didarganj. It provides us a glimpse of rich mauryan art. Some of the famous tourist destination in patna are golghar, kumharar, agam kuan, gandhi museum, patna zoo, patna sahib, patan devi etc.

Vaishali : World first Republic

Important Places to Visit in Vaishali

When you are exploring bihar tourism historical places, you just can’t miss this place if ancient indian history excites you. This place has always attracted tourists across the globe who visit there to look at world first republic ever. you are right, Its vaishali located in hajipur district of bihar and a major tourist attraction. Vaishali is an archeological excavation site where you get a glimpse of glorious heritage of this ancient city. This place has significantly contributed the four lion over ” Ashoka Stambh ” as our national symbol. Vaishali is also a place of religious important for jainism followers.

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Flourished between 8th and 12th century, as the major center of buddhist learning, Vikramshila is regarded as a major and glorious heritage of ancient India. Located in antichak village in Bhagalpur district, It’s an important tourist place in bihar.

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Valmiki Tiger Reserve : Wildlife Tourism in bihar

Bihar wildlife Tourism VTR

Bihar Tourism also offers wildlife tour. If you are exploring north bihar and a love to explore flora and fauna in tranquil forest, you should not refrain from going Valmiki tiger reserve (VTR) located in betiyah district, approximately 100 kms from district headquarter. A wildlife reserve well known for tigers is located near nepal border. You can see tiger and other animals in their natural habitat.

Sasaram : Among important historical places to visit in bihar

Sasaram under Bihar Tourism

Sasaram lies in southwest of patna and is famous for Tomb of sher shahsuri who ruled northern india for five years after defeating humayun. One other major attraction of sasaram is rohtasgarh fort which was built in 7th century AD by Raja Harishcandra.

Hinduism Sacred Place Gaya

Vishnupad Temple Gaya

Gaya, an important and major city of bihar lies east of patna at a distance of 97 Kms. Holy place Gaya is famous for Hinduism pilgrimage and well known for ancient Vishnupad Temple and ” Pind Daan “, a ritual to offer sand ball to demised ancestors.

Bodhgaya : A Buddhist Pilgrimage

Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya

Lies 5 Kms from gaya, bodhgaya is famous for most significant pilgrimage for buddhism followers. People across the globe visit this sacred place to experience the teachings and livings of buddhism. This is the place where Lord buddha underwent self enlightenment under bodhi tree almost 25oo years ago. mahabodhi temple stands tall at the place commemorating that event.

Barabar Caves

barabar caves gaya

Rock cut caves at Barabar lie in Mukhdumpur block of Jehanabad district, 67 kms from patna. These are situated on barabar and nagarjuna hills well known for chambered style caves assumed to be built in 3rd century BC during mauryan empire rule. bihar tourism department and bihar government is committed to develop this historical site.

Munger : Land of yoga school

Bihar School of Yoga, Munger

Munger district lies west of Patna at a road distance of 180 Kms. It offers many places of historical and religious significance, a tourist wants to explore. Although, Many of them come Munger to visit one place and for one purpose related to health tourism, The globally known Bihar School of Yoga which is regarded as the best yoga school across the world. Founded in 1964 by Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Bihar school of yoga has trained thousand of students from across the world, this ancient indian art of keeping your body and mind healthy.  Apart from bihar school of yoga, munger has multiple places to visit which include munger fort, mir kashim tunnel, sita kund, pir shah nafah shrine, manpathar, pirpahar, bhimbandh, kharagpur lake, rishikund and many more.

Bihar Tourism potential is still untapped

Thus, We see Bihar Tourism has much to offer than anticipated. The irony is the neutrality of the state government to promote these destinations across the world. The second most important reason why tourists remained abstain from traveling bihar is related with lack of proper maintenance of various tourist places. However, the situation have changed in last few years and now major tourist destinations of bihar are well maintained.

Almost all major destinations of bihar have accommodation facilities including hotels, resorts, government guest houses and youth hostels.


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