Bodhi Tree at Bodhgaya, History, Location and Importance

Bodhi Tree Bodhgaya

Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya

Bodhi Tree is standing near mahabodhi temple in bodhgaya. This is regarded as most sacred tree by the followers of buddhism because of its descendant status of the original peepal tree under which Gautam Buddha actually attained enlightenment around 2550 years ago.

Also known as Sri Maha Bodhi, it was ashoka who actually recognized the significance of bodhi tree in real terms and developed it and surrounding areas as a sacred religious site. He used to organize a festival every year in the month of November to celebrate the event of buddha’s attainment of enlightenment. Although the tree was cut down many a times by different rulers in its entire history, but every time it either grew again or planted at the same place. The present tree was planted by British archeologist Alexander Cunningham in 1881 after the last tree at the site was destroyed by a massive storm.

Bodhi tree is a most popular site in bodhgaya and a pride for tourism in bihar. Every year 8th of December is observed as Bodhi Day to celebrate the importance of the tree and on this day monks and people from buddhist sect across the world visit this place and pray beneath the bodhi tree.

Bodhi Tree is located in the complex of mahabodhi temple in bodhgaya and among important places to visit near Gaya


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