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Chariot Route Marks Rajgir

Chariot Route Marks Rajgir

Chariot Route Marks are also known as Chariot wheel marks as it is believed to be made by the chariot’s wheels of Lord Krishna during Mahabharata times. According to the legend, when he arrived in rajgir, these 30 feet long deep marks were formed over rocks on his way due to the high speed and power of the Chariot.

Adding to the mystery, an engraved and still to be decrypted script around the Chariot route marks make this spot in rajgir a must visit for tourists. This engraved script is estimated to be written between 1AD and 5AD. This make this place one of the mysterious places in india and important tourist attraction in bihar.


Chariot Route Marks is located at a distance of 6 kms from rajgir railway station. It takes around 14 minutes to reach this place by road from there.


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