The Cyclopean Wall Rajgir

The Cyclopean Wall Rajgir

Cyclopean Wall Rajgir

The cyclopean wall located in rajgir is basically a four meter high and 40 Kms long wall made up of stone blocks encircling the rajgir city is a great tourist attraction.

Constructed over rajgir hills and plains including several gates and fortfication, This is estimated to be built by kings of mauryan empire over a period of time approximately 2500 years ago primarily with the purpose of protecting their capital from external invaders and enemies. Today, most of its part has been devastated and exist in ruins. The archaeological survey of India is responsible for its maintenance. In order to get a glimpse of part of these walls, one has to go on rajgir gaya road near southern gateway at a distance of few kms towards the old rajgir.

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