Delhi Tourism Hosted Clash of Bands at the Garden of Five Senses

Delhi Tourism Hosted Clash of Bands at the Garden of Five Senses

Clash of Bands

As a major aspect of its drive to strengthen the tourism business in Delhi, state tourism department sorted out ‘Clash of Bands’ in the relationship with Kalindi College at Garden of Five Senses.

In this two day of a melodic event, the various shortlisted group of bands showed their musical talent from different colleges of DU and other universities.

The event was set off with a food festival along with blended culinary differences of India, through dazzling sustenance slows down was open for all guests to allure their flavor bloom. This sustenance celebration gave guests the different kinds of spring by serving distinctive cooking styles and treats, which are exceptionally arranged during the spring season. Apart from it, an in-house flew market has additionally pulled the attention of visitors.

The winners of the title ‘clash of bands’ will get a chance to perform in the forthcoming 30th Tourism Festival which at the same venue. Famous people from the world of music attended this event to give their judgment. RS. 20 Thousand for the winner, Rs. 10000 for first runner-up and Rs. 5000 for second runner-up was kept as the cash prize for title ‘Clash of Bands’.

The second day of this melodic party saw a tremendous footfall and blessed a mysterious ordeal to guests through melodic exhibitions and lured the flavor bloom of foodies

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