Rajgir Mahotsav 2016 Enthralling Charm | Rajgir Festival 2016

An Enthralling Charm of Rajgir Mahotsav

rajgir mahotsav 2016

Rajgir Mahotsav celebrated this year with an enthralling charm as always since its inception in 1986.

Bihar chief minister Mr. Nitish Kumar has announced construction of a wildlife safari in rajgir which will be spread in an area of 480 acres. He declared that the center has already approved the proposal. The concerned authority is preparing the DPR in this regard. People of rajgir will soon be able to see lions, tigers, deers and other animals walking freely in the safari.

While speaking on the occasion of 27th Rajgir Mahotsav on its inauguration day on 25th of november 2016, He said that the history of rajgir is full of courage and goodwill. Whereas The history of himalayas is merely 5 million old, the history of five hills of rajgir dated back to 30 million years. The land of rajgir has witness the mahabharta era. Pandu Pokhar is the place where the great pandavas took shelter. Lord Buddha visited rajgir before and after his famous enlightenment. The famous gridhkut parbat ( vulture peak ), located in rajgir is closely associated with lord buddha. This is where he delivered few of his teachings to his disciples. The famous Vishwa Shanti Stupa constructed by Japanese buddhist community as a symbol of peace is also located here.

Even Jainism has very strong connection with rajgir. The first sermon delivered by lord mahavira on mithilagiri hills is located in rajgir.

He further added that inclusion of ancient nalanda ruins among UNESCO world heritage site is a matter of pride not only for people of nalanda district but for entire bihar.

Every year bihar tourism department organizes rajgir festival to promote rajgir as a cultural, religious and historical tourist place. The three day extravaganza get enriched by the participation of leading artists from music and dance who perform with the same enthusiasm as the audience.

This year the rajgir festival was organized between 25th and 27th November with the performance of leading singers of bollywood and other cultural programs.

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