Ancient Nalanda University Tourists Will Enjoy Upgraded Facilities

Upgraded facilities for tourists at Ancient Nalanda University

Ruins of Ancient Nalanda University

Ancient Nalanda University Tourists will enjoy upgraded facilities after heritage sight got UNESCO affiliation.

After recent announcement by UNESCO, ruins of ancient nalanda university as world heritage sight will be developed with multiple upgraded facilities for visitors on large scale. Tourists will get all basic facilities under one roof. The works related to availability of pure drinking water, cafeteria, lavatory, parking and WI-fi connectivity have already been started. The government has also decided to open a money exchange counter for foreign tourists. These works will be executed as a collaboration between departments of bihar tourism and archeological survey of india.

According to the officials, The ASI has also planned to open counters related to information about ancient nalanda university relic, literature and books in order to facilitate knowledge gain for coming tourists.

Apart from this, Boundary walls will be strengthen all around the ancient nalanda university ruins complex which is spread in an area of 14 hectares. Also according to the criterion of UNESCO, with in two kilometers all around the complex has been declared as a buffer zone and no construction of any kind without adequate permission can be executed.

Ruins of ancient nalanda university is located at a distance of 90 Kms from state capital patna and 62 kms from bodh gaya. It is the second historical monument of bihar which has been affiliated as world heritage by UNESCO.

Ancient nalanda university was established by Kumar Gupta of Gupta dynasty in 405 BC. Regarded as the world first residential university, At a time approximately 10000 students across india and asia used to study here in different streams of arts, science, philosophy and astrology. There were around 2000 teachers employed here to educate the students. Nalanda university remained a center of education for more than 1000 years. It was destroyed by turkish invader Bakhtyar Khilji in 12th century.

Ancient nalanda university is 33rd heritage of india that has been included in UNESCO world heritage sight.

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