Gorakhgad Trekking | Trek Near Mumbai,Pune | Weekend Gateway

Gorakhgad Trekking in lush greenery, Trek near mumbai

gorakhgad trekking

Gorakhgad is a peak in sahyadri mountain range located near murbad in maharashtra is best known for its caves, a small fort and a great trekking zone for adventure lovers. Gorakhgad is another best trek in the series located in close proximity from mumbai and pune. This is why it is also regarded as a weekend gateway for the both cities.

The best time to trek gorakhgad like other treks of sahyadri mountain range, is during monsoon season between June to September when the lush greenery spread throughout the trekking zone. However, gorakhgad can be trekked in any season.

The altitude of the gorakhgad peak is 655 meters from sea level and will take an average time of 2 to 3 hours depending upon your strength and in between stops. However, Almost the first part of the total trekking zone is having a moderate difficulty level. The second part is a bit more difficult as you have to traverse almost 75 to 85 degree elevation. Here you will need supervision from the experienced, although its not necessary if you remain calm and attentive. Many people trek to gorakhgad in order to reach the caves and end their trekking because of unawareness or not expecting, that there would be further trek left to the top of the gorakhgad. From caves to the top, is the most difficult part of the trek as the elevation is almost 85 degree. There are rock stairs which need to be carefully climbed. You have to put your palm and find a small pit on the upper stair for the grip and push your lower body upwards to climb. This part is difficult but proves value for effort because when you reach the top, the view of the surrounding simply mesmerize you. There you also find a small temple colored in orange surprise you. The temple is dedicated to lord shiva. It is believed that sage gorakhgad used to penance here, but there is no historical proof for this.

How to reach dehri village, base of gorakhgad trek from mumbai and pune

From Mumbai follow the following root.

  • Take local train to kalyan station.
  • Take bus from kalyan depot to murbad.
  • Take bus/taxi to narivali.
  • Take auto/taxi/bus to dehri village.

From Pune follow the following root.

  • Take Train/Bus to Karjat.
  • Take bus/ mini buses/ Taxi( If available ) directly to dehri village.

Gorakhgad mesmerizing beauty and its tranquil environment other than shrill sound of birds casts an unforgettable impression on your minds. It let you feel as if you have traveled to another world.

So, what’s are you waiting for, Just get your bagpacked this weekend and set off for it.

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