Gridhakuta Peak Rajgir | Vulture Peak in Rajgir

Gridhakuta Peak Rajgir

Gridhkuta Peak is also known as vulture peak

Gridhakuta peak located in rajgir is also known as vulture’s peak or gridhakuta hills. It got this name because of Its vulture shaped structure and frequent seeing of the bird there.

It is believed that Gridhakuta Peak used to be the home of Lord buddha during his stay at Rajgir. The place has profound connection with buddhism as buddha had delivered few of his sermons here and also preached the lotus sutra. There are two caves with buddha embossed images, buddhist shrines and remains of a brick stupa lie at this place. One can reach here using stone paths descending from the famous Shanti stupa. Every year thousands of tourists across the world including followers of buddhism visit this sacred place to get a glimpse of this heritage site and pray in tranquil surrounding.

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