Hot Water Spring Rajgir, Brahma Kund in Rajgir

Hot Water Spring Rajgir

Hot Water Spring Rajgir

Hot water Spring in Rajgir is a major tourist attraction due to its religious significance as well as medicinal properties. Flows through the latent channels down the sacred vaibhavgiri hills, It appears in seven different streams just above the foothills in a premise. Also known as Brahma kund or Garam Pani ka Jharna or Garam Kund, Hot water spring is a must visit place in rajgir.

A Pilgrimage for hindu devotees who come here to bathe and get rid of their evils and attainment of moksha after death. Apart from this, it is believed that it has miraculously healing  properties for muscular and joint pains.

Brahmkund is basically a square shaped tank with a depth of approximately 4 feet which holds the hot water coming down from the spring. An artificial stair decends to the take where devotees or tourists can take a dip. Despite winter months from October to march, it remains crowded, it’s the best time to visit.


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