India recorded 16.5% growth in Foreign Tourist Arrivals in January 2017

India recorded 16.5% growth in Foreign Tourist Arrivals in January 2017

Foreign Tourist Arrivals

Recent data released by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India (Mot) showed that in the month of January 2017, India recorded a growth of 16.5% in Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) as compared to the same period in 2016.

Respectively, 1.52 lakh people took advantage of the e-tourist visa service during the month of January 2017 as compared to 0.88 lakh people during the same period last year. Hence, registered a good growth of 72%. Obviously, the share of tourists profiting e-Visa service in January 2017 has achieved a hike of 15.5% as against 10.4% in the same period of last year. This distinctly diagrams the consistent achievement of e-Visa service.

Data Related to Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) to India in the month of January 2017:

Period FTAs
January 2017 9.83 Lakh
January 2016 8.44 Lakh
January 2015 7.91 Lakh

Data Related to the percentage share of Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) in India among Top 15 Source Countries/destinations and the Check in point/ Airport during the Month of January 2017:

Top Source Countries FTAs Percentage Top Check-in Points/Airports Percentage
USA 15.01% Delhi Airport 28.30%
Bangladesh 14.91% Mumbai Airport 18.23%
UK 11.11% Haridaspur Land Checkpost 8.17%
Canada 4.63% Chennai Airport 7.32%
Russia 4.46% Goa Airport 6.51%
Australia 3.65% Bengaluru Airport 5.32%
Malaysia 3.15% Kolkata Airport 4.32%
Germany 2.92% Cochin Airport 3.73%
France 2.89% Ahmedabad Airport 3.37%
China 2.54% Hydrabad Airport 2.74%
Sri Lanka 2.45% Gede Rail Land checkpost 1.77%
Japan 2.15% Trivandrum 1.62%
Afghanistan 1.84% Trichy Airport 1.38%
Rep. Of Korea 1.61% Ghojadanga land checkpost 1.08%
Nepal 1.60% Amritsar Airport 1.02%

Data related to the percentage shares of top 15 source countries/destinations availing e-Visa services and the Passenger’s Check in point/ Airport during January 2017 were as below:

Top Source Countries E-Visa Percentage Top Check-in Points/Airports Percentage
UK 22.9% Delhi Airport 36.5%
USA 13.6% Mumbai Airport 20.5%
Russia 8.3% Goa Airport 16.2%
China 6.3% Chennai Airport 7.0%
France 5.6% Bengaluru Airport 5.1%
Australia 4.4% Kochi Airport 4.2%
Germany 4.1% Kolkata Airport 2.7%
Canada 3.6% Trivendrum Airport 2.0%
Korea 3.2% Hydrabad Airport 2.0%
Ukrain 2.2% Ahmedabad Airport 1.7%
Netherlands 1.6% Amritsar Airport 0.8%
South Africa 1.4% Jaipur Airport 0.5%
Singapore 1.3% Trichy Airport 0.4%
Malaysia 1.3% Gaya Airport 0.2%
Sweden 1.1% Lucknow Airport 0.1

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