WTM Report: India reveals uplifting state of mind towards female Travellers

India Reveals Uplifting State of Mind Towards Female Travellers: WTM Report

WTM in London 2016

Supportive steps taken by current Govt. is very much helpful towards the tourism in India for female travellers instead of male dominated field of tourism. Indian Govt. launched many program and trying to empowering the women with such initiatives are highly appreciable. Above Statement given by Simon Press, Senior Director, WTM in a report recently released at World Travel Market, held in London from November 7 to 9 2016.

“Tourism is regularly observed as a perfect access point for ladies in India to join the official economy, by bountiful admittance to circumstances and enhancing personal satisfaction. Numerous of organizations are offering direct employment to ladies in parts that were beforehand to a great extent held by men.” commented by, Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel, Euromonitor International at WTM in London.

Recently launched program like Stand Up India is helping women to get the easy loan for starting small businesses. In the event of International Women’s Day in 2016, Flight 173 by Air India flew from Delhi to San Francisco with a team of female members only, making it the longest flight staffed altogether by ladies ever.

According to this report, village tourism in India can be especially enabling for ladies as it can differentiate work openings based on local tourism resources.

There has additionally been an ascent in Indian travel clubs and visits for ladies, for example, Women on the Go, which compose all-ladies tours throughout the globe. Furthermore, various security applications have been created for women in India, for instance, Ride-safe, which offer following, crisis informing and route deviation identification.

With the wellbeing of female explorers in India in the transport organizations have begun to give services of female cab driver. One illustration is She-taxi, which works in the popular tourist destinations of Kerala for female-just clientele, utilizing ladies just drivers. In an offer to fulfill request, an endeavor called Women on Wheels has been set up to help the female earners in the family via preparing to wind up skilled drivers.


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