Jarasandha Akhara in Rajgir

Jarasandha Akhara in Rajgir

Jarasandh Akhara

Jarasandha Akhara is located at a distance of 3 Kms from rajgir where Jarasandha, The famous king of Magadh empire and a barhadratha dynasty ruler according to hindu mythology during mahabharta time,

used to practice wrestling and other contemporary form of indian martial arts. The white colour of akhara’s soil is another Mysterious thing about the place. According to popular legend everyday Jarasandha used to mix hundred litres of milk and yogurt in its soil which changed it’s colour to white. It is believed that Lord krishna visited rajgir in the guise of a brahmin with bhima and asked him to challenge jarasandha for wrestling. When jarasandha accepted bhima’s challenge, the fight started between the two in Jarasandh’s Akhara which lasted for 14 days and finally ended with the victory of bhima. Its a major tourist attraction in Rajgir as it gives a glimpse of ruins of more than 5000 years old glorious history of mahabharta times.

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