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Jharkhand Tourism Major Attraction

jharkhand tourism

Jharkhand tourism takes you in the world of surprises at every footstep and if amazing waterfalls, mesmerizing landscapes, diversified flora and fauna, national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, moderate climate, hill stations and tribal livings, excites you then you are welcome to the land of bushes, Jharkhand.

Jharkhand used to be an integral part of bihar till 2000 when it underwent a separate state of india. Jharkhand is india’s richest state in terms of mineral ores which is spread throughout the states. According to estimation, Jharkhand has 40% of total minerals deposit in india which include coal, iron ores, limestone, bauxite, mica, copper, dolomite, uranium and many others.  Apart from this Jharkhand has multiple industrial towns like bokaro, dhanbad, Jamshedpur and ranchi.

Jharkhand tourism offers great opportunities to experience diversified destinations enriched with historical and natural values . If you are a nature lover, you can travel to multiple destinations spread throughout the state which present you with mesmerizing beauty and sightseeing.  Weather its hundru waterfall surrounded by hills or dalma hilltop located near Jamshedpur and many others, each of them leave you with never to be oblivion marks over your mind.

How to reach

Jharkhand is well connected by road and railway networks from all parts of the country. Ranchi is a major railway station having trains to all major cities. Ranchi is also an important airport and offers daily flights to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Lucknow and Bangalore.

Where to visit

Jharkhand has multiple places of natural, religious and historical significance. Its up to you where you want to start with. Our suggestion, start with ranchi, capital of jharkhand is situated at an altitude of 600 meters from the sea level. The climate is moderate and remains pleasant throughout the year, except may and june when heat waves take it in its grip. Although Ranchi can be traveled throughout the year.

Jharkhand tourism major attraction

Ranchi : The City of falls

Ranchi, also known as city of falls has multiple tourist spots both within the city and in close proximity in and around 100 Kms. Dasham waterfalls is one of the major picnic spot located at a distance of 35 Kms from ranchi on national highway 33. Dasham falls cascade from a height of 33 feet and lies on kanchi river. It presents a picturesque view of surrounding.

Tagore Hill : A Tribute to Gurudev

Tagore hill is another major attraction which is associated with Ravindranath Tagore, the great indian laureate. It is believed that he wrote many books including few pages of his poetry collection book ” Gitanjali ” in the tranquil environment of this hill.Tagore hill also known as morhabadi hill, has a height of 300 feet. It is located at a distance of 4 km from city center.

Tagore Hill In Ranchi, Jharkhand Tourism Attraction

A house built by tagore family which is now in abondoned condition is also located on the hill top. A picturesque view of ranchi city can be seen from the top of the hill.

Pahari Mandir : Dedicated to Lord Shiva

Pahari mandir ( Hill Temple ) is located at ratu road in ranchi is popular for lord shiva temple at the pinnacle of the hill. Breathtaking view of ranchi city from the top of the hill is awesome. The distance of pahari mandir from ranchi railway station is 7 kms. Recently pahari mandir was in news for hoisting largest national flag of india over tallest pole.

Jharkhand Tourist Attraction

Hundru waterfalls : Mesmerizing surroundings

Hundru waterfalls another major attraction is located at a distance of 45 Kms from ranchi on ranchi purulia road. Hundru falls is formed by swarnrekha river which cascades from a height of 98 meters and it is regarded as 34th highest fall in india.

Jharkhand Tourism Waterfalls

At the bottom of the fall, lies a pool which is best for enjoying a bath in its flowing clean water.

Jonha Falls : Gautamdhara

Jonha falls is located 1.5 kms from jonha railway station at a road distance of 40 kms from ranchi on ranchi purulia road. Jonha falls also popular as gautamdhara falls, forms at the meeting point of gunga river and raru river where water cascades from a height of 43 meters. To reach the bottom of the falls, one has to descend approximately 700 stairs.

Hirni Falls

Hirni falls is located at a distance of 90 kms from ranchi in bandgaon hills on ranchi chaibasa road. The falls is formed due to 37 meters cascading of ramgraha river in the dense forest of bandgaon. Hirni falls surrounding presents picturesque beauty of nature.

Panchghagh Falls

This mesmerizing falls lies in khunti district at a distance of 55 kms from ranchi. As the name reflects this waterfalls cascades in five different perennial streams of banai river. Panchghagh falls is regarded as a major tourist attraction near ranchi for its natural beauty and comparatively safe status due to its low height.

Muta crocodile breeding center : Ormanjhi Zoo

Muta crocodile breeding center is another major attraction of ranchi surroundings. Located at a distance of 36 kms from ranchi, Muta crocodile breeding center offers tourists to view crocodiles in their natural habitat in bhairavi river. A small zoo which includes spotted deer, peacock and and few other water birds are major attraction.

Jamshedpur Travel : Tourism in steel city

Jamshedpur, also known as Tata or Tatanagar or steel city is the second largest city of jharkhand. Jamshedpur also offer tourists many places in and around in close vicinity which are full of natural beauty.

Jubilee Park : The park of colorful fountains

Jubilee park is a major tourist spot in jamshedpur which is located with in the city and covers an area of 225 acres. The park is well maintained with lush green gardens, flowers beds with multiple varieties and mesmerizing fountains with colorful dynamic illumination at night on Tuesday and Sunday.

Jharkhand Sightseeing

Jubilee park presents a unforgettable experience in the minds of visitors due to its soothing ambiance. Its a must visit for tourists traveling jamshedpur.

Dimna Lake Dam

Dimna lake dam is a picturesque location lies at the bottom of the densely forested dalma hill range at a distance of 15 kms from jamshedpur. The place is ideal for picnic spot, boating and sightseeing.

Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary : Welcome to the jungle of elephants

Dalma wildlife sanctuary is located in dalma mountain range with an average altitude of 3000 feet from sea level. The sanctuary is a natural habitat for many animals including elephants, sloth beer, barking deer, tigers and others.

Wildlife Tourism in Jharkhand

The fauna includes teak, jamun and other varieties of trees. On the top of the hill, A temple dedicated to lord shiva is built, apart from this a guest house of forest department and tata steel is there. Dalma hill is also ideal for trekking due to its altitude and beautiful views.

Rankini Mata Mandir

Rankini mata mandir is located near jadugora in potka block at a distance of 40 kms from jamshedpur is famous for rankini mata temple. The temple is located on hata ghatshila road in densely forested area of kapadghadi ghat( valley). Opposite to the rankini mandir, lies a small hill which can be trekked in 20 minutes. The view from the top is awesome.

Chaibasa: travel to the land of dense forests and mines

Chaibasa is the headquarter of west sinhbhum district of jharkhand and is famous for mines of different metals and non metals which include mainly limestone, iron ores, uranium and copper. Chaibasa or west sihnbhum district is often called land of dense forests. The reason behind this is it is surrounded by densely forested area known as ” Saranda jungle “. It is believed that some area of this forest so dense that it is still unapproachable and unexplored due to intense darkness even in broader daylight. Despite of its mesmerizing natural beauty, chaibasa is still less known destination of jharkhand tourism primarily due to its geographical isolation from rest of the jharkhand.

Where to visit

Chaibasa has multiple tourist spots in its proximity and can be visited by roads.

Lupungutu Stream

Lupungutu Stream is located 5 kms from chaibasa town is popular for crystal clear water flow surprisingly emerging from the bottom of trees roots. Water of lupungutu stream is believed to be of medicinal value particularly in curing stomach related ache. The place is a famous picnic spot for people living in chaibasa and around.

Meghtaburu : Land of The Rain Clouds

Kiriburu and Meghtaburu, are popular hill station located 70 kms from chaibasa town. The place is also famous for iron ores mines. The name meghtaburu ( land of the rain clouds ) is given to this place due to receiving of highest annual rainfall in the region.

Jharkhand Tourism Hill Stations

If you are fond of dense forests, mountains, streams and picturesque natural beauty, meghtaburu is an ideal place to visit.

Thalkobad : The Jewel of Saranda Forests

Thalkobad is a beautiful tribal community village located deep into the saranda forests at an altitude of 550 meters from sea level. Thalkobad lies south of chaibasa town at a distance of 75 kms in noamundi block.

Jharkhand Forests

Since thalkobad lies deep into the preserved area of saranda forest, The place can be visited only by permission from the forest department. Saranda forest is a habitat of many animals including elephants, spotted deer, sloth beer, tigers and leopards. Teak is the major tree of this forest.

Dumka : The land of santhals

Dumka is located north east of ranchi at a distance of 300 Kms and a major town of jharkhand. Dumka is the district headquarter of santhal pargana, a name is given to the area because of majority of santhal tribal population. Dumka offers multiple tourist spots in a vicinity of 100 kms. Dumka is well connected by roads and railway network from the other parts of jharkhand and its neighboring states.

Where to visit

Dumka presents many tourist destinations where you can visit to relax in mesmerizing natural beauty.

Masanjor : A place of scenic beauty

Masanjor, located at a distance of 31 kms from dumka town is a popular tourist destination. The place is known for a dam which is built on mayurakshi river and a part of hydro electric power project. Also a beautiful park is located in front of the dam surrounded by hills from two sides. Masanjor presents a picturesque view and a good outing place.

Masanjor Dam Dumka, Jharkhand Tourism

Masanjor is also famous for an event held in 1992 when BJP top leader lal krishna advani was put on house arrest here, in the government guest house built on a hill.


Chutonath, located at a distance of 20 kms from dumka town is an ideal spot for picnic due to its surrounding small hills and flowing river in proximity. The place has also religious significance for hindu devotees towards lord chutonath.

Maluti : A village of 108 terracotta temples

Maluti is also known as a village of 108 temples, located in shikaripara block at a distance of 55 kms from dumka town. Maluti is an ideal place for those who keep keen interest in medieval architect of indian history. These temples were built between seventeenth and nineteenth centuries by the kings of baj basanta dynasty.

Maluti Temples in Jharkhand

These temples are dedicated to different god and goddesses of hindu mythology including temples of baj basanta dynasty family deity mowlakshi. Today only 72 out of original 108 temples stand tall and the same has been listed among 12 most endangered cultural heritage sites across the globe by the global heritage fund(GHF).

Basukinath : Dedicated to lord shiva

Basukinath lies 25 kms away from dumka town, A religious place for hindus is dedicated to lord shiva. Every year in the month of july and august, Lord shiva devotees across india come to basukinath for worshiping Shiva Linga by pouring holy water over it. Although the place remains moderately crowded throughout the year but in saawan ( Month of july and august according to hindi calenders), it turns into an over crowded place due to thousands of devotees every day come basukinath for worship.

Giridih : Jain Pilgrimage Center

Giridih town is the district headquarter of giridih district of jharkhand. Giridih is located at a distance of 182 kms from ranchi and can be reached by road. Giridih is a part of chotanagpur plateau with an average elevation between 700 feet to 1300 feet.

Major tourist attraction of Giridih

Giridih presents itself as a major tourist destination for jharkhand tourism due to its high mountain ranges, forests, hilly rivers, waterfalls and places of religious significance. Some of the major tourist attraction of giridih are given below.

Parasnath : Important jain pilgrimage

Parasnath is the most important tourist destination of jharkhand tourism due to its religious significance related to jainism. Parasnath also known as sikharji, is a pilgrimage for jainism followers.

Parasnath, Shikharji Jharkhand Tourism Jain Pilgrimage

It is located on the top peak of parasnath mountain range having an altitude of 1376 meters from sea level. The nearest railway station is parasnath which is located on gaya asansol route and having regular trains from howrah and mugalsarai.

Ursi Falls : A waterfalls in dense forest

Ursi falls lie 13 km from giridih town on giridih tundi road is one of the major waterfalls located in jharkhand. Ursi falls is formed by ursi river descending 12 meters in a gorge in three separate streams.

Jharkhand Waterfalls Ursi Giridih

The picturesque location of the fall is surrounded by dense forests, and a major picnic spot for nature lovers.

Khandoli Dam : A picturesque location

Khandoli dam, located near khandoli village at a distance of 10 km from giridih town is an important tourist attraction for jharkhand tourism. The khandoli village is located at the foothills of khandoli mountain and presents a beautiful picturesque view of the surrounding. The khandoli lake is very popular among bird watchers due to arrival of migratory birds every year, from Asia, Africa and Australia. An amusement park has been developed by the lake side, which offers elephant and camel safari, swings and toy train joy rides.

Madhuban : A Village of 2000 year old temple

Madhuban is a major tourist attraction of jharkhand tourism due to a jain temple believed to be 2000 years old. A museum dedicated to jainism houses a number of sculptures, idols and manuscripts related to jain religion is located in the madhuban village.

Deoghar : Come home to Baba baidyanath dham

Deoghar is famous for presence of one of the 12 jyotirlinga located at different places across india, according to the hindu mythology. Deoghar, also known as baidyanath dham is a pilgrimage for hinduism followers. Deoghar is a major tourist destination for jharkhand tourism due to its religious significance. Every year in the month of saawan, devotees across india visit deoghar with immense dedication to worship and pour holy ganges water over shivalinga.

Baba Baidyanath Dham Temple, Deoghar, Jharkhand Religious Tourism

Deoghar is also known as land of ashrams due to housing multiple ashrams run by different communities. Deoghar lies north east of ranchi at a distance of 200 Kms and is well connected by roads and railway from Patna and Bhagalpur.

Places to visit near deoghar

Deoghar offers multiple tourist spots in close vicinity of religious and natural value.

Tapovan : A place in the nature

Tapovaan is located 10 Kms from deoghar town and is popular for lord shiva temple and its natural beauty. Tapovan lies in a hilly area and having many caves which are believed to be of religious value.

Tapovan Deoghar Tourist Spot Jharkhand

Historians associate one of the caves with hermit balmiki who visited this place for penance.

Trikut Pahar : The ropeway hill

Trikut pahar( Hill),  located at a distance of 13 Kms from deoghar town on deoghar dumka road is a famous tourist spot due to its religious value and natural beauty. A temple of lord shiva known as trikutachal mahadev temple is also situated there.

Trikut Pahar, First Ropeway of Jharkhand Tourism

However, The major attraction of this spot is a ropeway, which take visitors to the top of the hill in 7 minutes of time. This is regarded as the first ever ropeway that has been installed for jharkhand tourism.

Naulakha Mandir : A temple constructed in 9 lakhs.

Constructed by Queen Charushila of Pathuria Ghat King’s family from Kolkata in 9 lakhs rupee, Naulakha Mandir is one of the popular and most visited place in deoghar. Situated at a distance of 1.5 Km from Baba Baidyanath dham temple, The architect of naulakha temple resembles Belur Ramakrishna Temple and is dedicated to Lord Radha-Krishna.

Nandan Pahar(Hill)

A beautiful small hill lies east of deoghar town is a good place for outing due to a well developed park. Nandan pahar also houses restaurant, temples, mirror house, boot house and others to which children get attracted easily.

Apart from these places and tourist spots, deoghar has others popular destinations to visit like Rikhiya Ashram, Satsang Ashram, Ram Krishna Mission Vidyapeeth, Harila Jori, Satsang Ashram and many more.


Sahebganj is a small town situated on the bank of river ganges and is headquarter of sahebganj district of jharkhand which was formed in 1983 when it used to be a part of bihar. Sahebganj is best known for its natural beauty surrounded by hills and forests on one side and the flowing ganges on the other.

Major tourist places in Sahebganj

Sahebganj has multiple tourist destinations of natural beauty and historical importance which a traveler want to explore.


Rajmahal is situated on the banks of river ganges is a major tourist destination for jharkhand tourism due to its historical significance. In 1952, during the rule of mughal emperor Akbar the great, Rajmahal was made capital of bengal by his chief commander raja manshingh.

Rajmahal Hills Jharkhand

Even today, the footprints of its glorious history can be experienced in rajmahal. Akbari masjid and tombs of maina bibi and miran are major monuments can be visited in rajmahal town.


Shivgadi is famous for lord shiva temple built in a cave is approximately 60 kms from sahebganj town. The place presents an amazing view of surrounding forested hills.

Udhwa Bird Sanctuary

Udhwa Bird Sanctuary is an important spot for jharkhand tourism and particularly for those who keep keen interest in wildlife and bird watching. Every year thousand of migratory birds across europe and siberia fly here for food. The place is located near udhwa, which is also popular by the name of patauda lake.

Moti Jharna

Moti jharna located in maharajpur is a stream, originating from rajmahal hills. The place is mesmerizing due to great and beautiful surroundings.

Apart from these, sahebganj has multiple temples and monuments which can be visited by tourists.


Palamu is a division in jharkhand located north west of ranchi at a road distance of 190 Km. Daltonganj is the district headquarter of palamu and a major town of Jharkhand. Palamu, spread in an area of 5083 square kms is full of natural beauty and multiple tourist spots of mesmerizing view. These tourist destinations of palamu plays significant role in generating revenue for jharkhand tourism.

Where to visit in palamu

There are multiple spots, a tourist can visit in palamu.

Palamu forts

One of the major attraction of palamu tourism are Ruins of palamu forts which are located in dense forest of betla at a distance of 20 Kms from daltonganj town.

Palamu Forts in Jharkhand

Built in 16th century, These forts are basically two fort, out of which one is situated in plains and the other one on hills in close proximity. These forts present excellent view of the dense forest of surroundings.

Palamu Tiger Reserve

Palamu tiger reserve is the only reserve of jharkhand which houses tigers. many tourists plan their jharkhand tourism trip to visit this place. palamu tiger reserve is a part of betla national park and palamu wildlife sanctuary. The total area of reserve buffer zone is approximately 650 square km which house 6 tigers as per the latest counting. Apart from tigers, elephants, wild dogs, sloth beer, leopards, sambhars and 140 species of birds are found in the reserve.


Comparatively a newly formed district, Latehar has multiple tourists destinations.

Lodh Falls

Also popular as burhaghat falls, because it forms on burha river, Lodh falls is one of the major waterfall in the north west part of jharkhand. Lodh falls lie in newly formed latehar district at a distance of 120 km from daltenganj. The height of the fall is 143 meters. The picturesque beauty of the densely forest which surrounds lodh falls attract tourists from all across jharkhand and neighoring states including bihar.


Known as “queen of chotanagpur” is a beautiful hill station in jharkhand located at an altitude of 3600 feet. Netarhat has a number of tourists spots in proximity including waterfalls, dam, forests and sunset points.

Hazaribaug : The city of thousand garden

Hazaribaug, a town situated at a distance of 96 Kms from ranchi is the district headquarter of Hazaribaug district of jharkhand. Hazaribaug in english means ” Thousand Gardens ” and hence it is also referred as city of gardens under jharkhand tourism.

Hazaribaug Tourism : Major tourist attraction

Hazaribaug is a major center for jharkhand tourism due to its natural beauty, amazing landscapes of chotanagpur plateaus, lakes, falls and forests. Places you can visit in and around hazaribaug are listed below.

Hazaribaug national park

A major attraction of hazaribaug, The national park is spread in an area of 150 square miles which houses many wild animals including leopards and deer. There are multiple watch towers built inside the park, from where visitors can view different animals roaming into the forest. Shooting is not allowed inside the park.

Canary Hill

Located at a distance of 3 Kms from hazaribaug town, canary hill is an ideal picnic spot due to its tranquil surrounding and picturesque view of hazaribaug town from the top of the hill. Canary and its adjacent hills are covered with forest, and wild animals can be seen here at night. A dak bunglow is also built at the hill top.

Other notable tourist destinations in hazaribaug are Narsigsthan temple, Surajkund, Raj derwah, konar dam and hazaribaug lake.

Jharkhand tourism will never disappoint you. So, come  to the land of bushes and plan your trip.


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