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Kalika Temple, Ranikhet, Uttrakhand

Famous Ancient Kalika Temple in Ranikhet

All the wishes get fulfilled at Kalika Temple in Ranikhet, Uttrakhand

Ancient famous Kalika temple is only 6 km away from popular hill station Ranikhet. To seek the blessing of mother Goddess Kali and to the fulfilment of wishes, devotees gather here from far away. There is a big golf course which is highest in Asia is also located beside the Kalika temple in Ranikhet. A few stairs ahead, Kalika temple can be seen which is completely maintained by a conventional priest and their family. It is very difficult to say about oldness with proof regarding Kalika temple, but in the folk memory of its antiquity has all narratives. Currently, Kalika temple comprises among one of the top tourist attractions in Ranikhet and particularly for pilgrimage tourist, it is quite famous in all over the Uttrakhand.

The temple premises is surrounded by green dense trees. Millions of travellers come here every year for devotional activity along with the desire of happiness in life. You will have to cover some distance by stair but due to stunning & devotion full surrounding environment; this is not a tough task. There is the main sculpture dedicated to Goddess Mother Kali placed in a temple but another huge statute which is dedicated to Goddess Durga is also placed at the upper part.

There is also a tiny cave temple located at outer side of the main premises. Pilgrimage traveller likes to come here at Kalika temple very frequently because of the incredible charming atmosphere. Generally, people come here to get blessed from mother Kali throughout the year but on the occasion of Navratra, there is the huge crowd of devotees. This place is devotionally filled by Himalaya. You can clearly view the peaks of the Himalayas from Kalika temple. Although the temple lies in cantonment area so the cleanliness of the whole area is so good and well maintained.

Few Travel Tips:

You can reach Ranikhet from the taxi which needs to be hired from Kathgodam (The Nearest Railhead).

The best time to visit Ranikhet is from October to June.

Kindly carry some heavy woollen clothes during winter and light woollen for summer.


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