Karnataka poised to give a new identity to 'BRAND BENGALURU'

Karnataka poised to give a new identity to ‘BRAND BENGALURU’

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Karnataka Tourism Department has started preparations to give a new identity to Bengaluru. Karnataka tourism got the inspiration from iconic global destinations and their campaigns like London’s “Totally London”, Amsterdam’s “I Amsterdam” and New York’s “I love NewYork”; as indicated in a report by Sharan Poovanna published in ‘The Mint’.

The Ministry believes that the city’s identity as an IT hub and there needs to highlight it more than this and represent as a center for world’s best startups and business destination so to attract more and more tourists. We can do it after paying attention to little things to create Bengaluru as Brand.

We are enthusiastic about the promoting opportunity as well. “Like ‘I love New York’, New York is composed in a meticulous way, London, Lyon, Melbourne Amsterdam, is composed differently. How would I begin distinguishing Bengaluru outside?” said, Priyank Kharge, state minister for IT/Biotechnology and tourism. The arrangement is a piece of the ministry’s bigger strategies for the state, which saw more than 120 million individuals traveling Karnataka in the year 2015.

As per stats released by Tourism ministry, this figure is likely to raised to over 130 million by next year. Mr. Priyank further said that travelers and tourists visiting the city don’t know about the rich history and the cultural value of this ancient city, having names like Silicon Valley, pensioners heaven, garden city etc. There is needs the logo to catch the quintessence of Bengaluru. “(I) require them to have a feeling of having a place that I can showcase,” he added.

Harish Bijoor, a Bengaluru-based brand advisor said that the city has developed and it is essential that an authentic and new identity of the brand is made. “The planning is appropriate since we are presently a global city,” said Bijoor, adding that specialists must be mindful so as not to depict things that are not achievable or valid.

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