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Matangeshwar Temple, Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Matangeshwar temple at khajuraho

The Temple of Amazing Shivaling: Matangeshwar Temple at Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is known for its many rich sculpture ancient temples in the world. These gigantic temples can mesmerize anybody and can bound to think that how would be all temples constructed at that time. Currently, 25 temples out of 85 are available to see which was built by various kings of Chandel dynasty. Though these temples were not built for worships or to perform any ritual. There is only Matangeshwar temple which had been constructed for worshiping purpose that is continued even in present time. However, you will see many devotees who give the donation in other temples.

According to a myth, Khajuraho is that place where all the rituals related to Lord Shiva’s marriage got endowed. The God of Love “Matang” has been called as “Matangeshwar”. Matangeshwar temple is supposed to be one of the ancient temples located in Madhya Pradesh, constructed by Chandel King “Chandradev” in the 9th century. As like other temples located at this place, you can’t find artifacts and sculpture on this holy temple’s pillars and walls. The main attraction of this temple is its huge Shivaling which is 2.5 meters high and has a circumference of more than 1 meter. Numerous of famous story related to Mtangeshwar temple can be heard by people here. According to the temple’s priest a huge part of this shivaling is subdued in the ground so whatever part is seen is just tiny one of overall Shivaling. It is also said that King Chardradev had got a Markat-Mani for the safety and security of his state and that is grounded under this Shivaling. It believes that if you touch the Shivaling by holy heart and wish something, Lord Shiva must fulfill your wishes. Matangeshwar temple is located at the gate of most famous and ancient western group of temples where an ancient pond of Khajuraho is also situated.

How to Get There:

Khajuraho is well connected by rail, road and air network from Delhi and other major cities of India.

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