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Places to Visit in Junagadh, Spots and Tourist Destinations in Junagadh

Places to Visit in Junagadh, Gujarat

Junagadh is one of the important city of gujarat and is famous for the last habitat of asiatic lion. Junagadh, located in south west of ahmedabad at a distance of 355 Kms is headquarter of junagadh district. The city is a major tourist attraction for gujarat tourism due to its historical and natural significance. Situated on the foot of girnar hills, There are many places to visit in junagadh from tourist point of view.

Sakkarbaug Zoological Garden

Sakkarbaug zoological garden is one of the major attraction of junagadh. Also known as junagadh zoo or sakkarbaug zoo, It covers an area of 200 hectares and houses different species of wild animals including asiatic lions and african cheetah. Established in 1863, Today the sakkarbaug zoo runs breeding programs for different endangered species which include white backed vulture apart from Asiatic lions from nearby gir forests.

Ashoka Rock Eddict

Located at Mount girnar on junagadh taleti road, Ashoka rock eddict, is an inscription of fourteen edicts on a large irregular shaped rock. This is one of the eddict among the 26 ashoka rock eddicts that have been discovered at different places of india. The rock is housed inside a small building. One of the popular places to get a glimpse of glorious history of ashoka the great, Ashoka rock eddict a must visit place in junagadh.

Junagadh Buddhist Caves

Located at three different sights, Buddhist caves at junagadh were carved out of rocks in the form of rooms as a place of accommodation for monks. These caves are parts of buddhist caves group which have been found in different parts of india. The carving of these caves took place between 3rd century BC to 4th century AD. Khapra kodiya caves or khangar mahal, the oldest buddhist caves in junagadh was carved during the ashoka regime in 4th century BC. Located outside the north of uperkot fort, This cave is considered as the oldest quarter for monks in the area.

Other cave in the group is known as Baba pyare caves which are located little south of uperkot fort boundary. These caves are estimated to be constructed in the 1st century AD and are famous for its unique architect inspired from Buddhist style.

The last caves in the buddhist caves group is known as uperkot caves which are located in uperkot near adi kadi vav.

Mahabat Khan Tomb

Located near chitkana chowk area, Mahabat khan tomb is an important tourist spot of junagadh. Also known as Mausoleum of Bahaduddinbhai Hasainbhai, The tomb was constructed over the grave of mahabat khan second, who used to be the nawab of the city between 1851 tp 1882.

Damodar Kund

 Damodar kund, located in the foothills of girnar is a sacred lake and a holy place to visit in junagadh for hindus. According to the hindu beliefs and mythology, Bathing or immersion of dead body ashes in damodar kund opens the way to moksha.

Willingdon Dam

Willingdon dam is built on river kalwa and a popular tourist destination due to its surrounding and mesmerizing beauty. Named after Lord Willingdon, It was built as a reservoir for supplying drinking water for the people of junagadh.

Jami Mosque

Jami mosque is located in a crowded area near manik chowk of old junagadh city. The mosque was built during ahmed shah first regime in 1423 who used to be the founder of city of ahmedabad. Although located in a densely populated area, Inside the mosque one can find serenity and tranquil environment for prayer. The mosque is a fine example of Indo-Saracenic architecture.

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