Naropa Festival Ladakh 2016 will be celebrated from 16 to 22 september

Naropa Festival 2016 will be celebrated from 16 to 22 September in Ladakh

A Tradition Dance at Naropa Festival

August 10, Jammu (Travel News India), the date of Naropa festival Ladakh 2016 has been announced by ‘Drukpa’. Thuksey Rinpoche, one of the Drukpa enjoined representative, declared the dates of Naropa 2016 at the recently finished Hemis fiesta in Ladakh.

Naropa is known as one of the majestic spiritual celebration in the great Himalayan region that takes place only once in every 12 years. This is supposed to be the largest and most important Buddhist festival in the world baptized after the famous Scholar saint belongs to India called Naropa.  It attracts a huge number of tourists from all over the globe and therefore Naropa festival is also known as the “Kumbh Mela of Himalayas”. This time, this grand festival has been associated with one other major thing marked by millennium birth anniversary of saint Naropa. It will be celebrated at holy Hemis monastery in Leh region.

Lessons of Naropa have played a vital role to figuring the identity & culture of diverse society across the whole central Asia that enhanced the influence of Himalayan Buddhism. Saint Naropa made his habitat to Ladakh and mastered the ‘six yogas of Naropa’ those have become the meditation pillars of Vajrayana Buddhism and presently these are the crucial to almost each learning centers and the ancestry of the great Himalayan region. His message towards the pragmatic learning and active consideration has earned recognition among others which helped to increase the followers of Drukpa order.

The festival of Naropa will mark a detailed ceremonial event where his holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa– spiritual chief of the Drukpa who is holy as Naropa’s rebirth, would put on the six bone ornaments that are the physical gift of Saint Naropa gone behind after his liberation.

Approx 5 lakhs people are expected to attend the Naropa festival 2016 in Ladakh. There would be many featured performances by celebrities from all over the world including Bollywood. It will definitely produce an incredible attraction blended by culture, spirituality & diversity at Naropa festival in Ladakh.


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