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Pawapuri : A Sacred Jain Pilgrimage

Pawapuri sacred jain pilgrimage

Pawapuri is a sacred jain pilgrimage located at a distance of 14 Kms from nalanda district headquarter bihar sharif. Its an important places to visit in bihar because of its historical and religious association with one of the oldest religion jainism. Apart from this pavapuri proximity with another most visited tourist places in rajgir and recently declared world heritage site ancient nalanda university ruins, makes it a favorite tourist destination.

History of Pawarpuri

Pawapuri history dated back to 2600 years ago in 500 BCE when it used to be a part of mall mahajanpad as one of its twin capital. It was then known as “Apawapuri” or “Madyama Pawa” during the rule of magadh emperor Ajatshatru. The Jain 24th and last thirthankara, Lord mahavira lived here during his rule. He used to reside in “Rajikshala” (Official Guest House) of Pawapuri King Hashtipal. It is believed that mahavira attained moksha(salvation) after undergoing through meditation for long period in a position of padma-ashana. His body was cremated at this place after his death. When his devotees heard about this, They started thronging there in order to take the holy ashes and soils from the cremation ground, They started digging it on all four sides and as a result converted it into a large pit which got filled by water during rain and this created a pond. Today, due to densely blooming lotus flowers, This pond is known as lotus pond which surrounds the main temple of pawapuri known as jalmandir(A temple surrounded by water). Apart from this, pawapuri is also known as the place where mahavira delivered his last teachings.

Places to visit in pawapuri


Standing at the middle of a a rectangular pond, Jalmandir is the place where mahavira foot marks has been kept for the worship. It is also known as gaon or village temple. Constructed using white marbles, The architectural style of the temple is known as vimana or chariot. In order to reach the temple from the main land, A connecting rock bridge of dimension 8 feet by 600 feet has been constructed. The bridge has 3 feet railings on both the sides. (A temple surrounded by water). The lotus pond is spread in an area of 84 bighas.


Another temple dedicated to mahavira located in pawapuri is samosaran. This beautiful temple is also built in white marble and located at the place where it is believed that he delivered his last teachings. A new samosaran has also been built in pawapuri.

How to reach

Pawapuri is located at a distance of 109 Kms from Patna and situated on Patna Ranchi Highway. It takes approximately two and half hours by road. The nearest major railway station is bihar sarif which have regular trains from patna and delhi. Check athe availability of train on IRCTC.  The nearest airport is patna.

Best time to visit

From October to March as the weather remains pleasant during these months.

Where to stay

There are lot of accommodation options available for tourists visiting pawapuri. Either they can stay at dharmshalas in pawapuri itself or different hotels, lodges and youth hostels located in bihar sharif and rajgir.

Tourist Places near pawapuri

Rajgir and nalanda ruins.


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