Places to Visit in Vaishali, Archaeological Site, Vaishali Travel Guide

7 Places to Visit in Vaishali

Important Places to Visit in Vaishali

Vaishali archaeological site lies north of patna is a famous tourist place in bihar and pilgrimage center best known World’s first republic and its rich historical heritage related to religious values for both jainism and buddhism.

Important places to visit in vaishali

Being an important archaeological site, As a result of excavation, It has several places to visit having strong connection with ancient history. A vaishali tour can be felt as a glimpse of discovering glorious ancient history of bihar. Following are the best tourist places to visit in vaishali

Places to Visit Kutagarasala Vihara

Buddha used to stay here most of the time during his visit to vaishali and so kutagarasala vihara is basically a monastery and most important tourist spot in vaishali.

Ancient Stupas Ananda Stupa

Located in kutagarasala vihara near kolhua, Ananda Stupa is a fine example of buddhist stupas constructed during ashoka reign.

Coronation Tank

Also known as abhishek pushkarini, coronation tank holy water was used for anointing the new king.

Vaishali excavation Site Relic Stupa

Constructed over a part of holy ashes of buddha, this stupa exists in its relic form. This is believed to be constructed by licchavis in 5th century BC. When buddha left for kushinagar after delivering his last sermon at vaishali, Licchavis started following in order to request him to give up his journey and continue his stay at vaishali. Despite offer of his alms bowl, when licchavis refused to return, he created an illusion of a river compelling them to go back. Relic stupa is also known as buddha’s ashes stupa and among top places to visit in vaishali.

Buddhist World Peace Pagoda

Constructed by Japanese buddhist community as a part of 80 such stupas across the world and second in bihar, World peace pagoda or shanti stupa, is erected on the part of relics of buddha found near vaishali.

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 Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka pillar is the iconic structure of vaishali built by ashoka during his reign in 3rd century BC. This is regarded as the best surviving ashoka pillar as it is still standing tall in very good condition till date. Unlikely, Most of such pillars, Ashoka pillar at vaishali has no inscription with a single lion at the top.


A museum run by archaehological survey of india is located in near vishwa shanti stupa. The museum houses several things unearthed as a result of excavation of this archeological site .


Vaishali was an important city and a major economic center in ancient times during mauryan dynasty rule over magadh approximately 2550 years ago. It is also credited for world’s first republic form of governance.  The two contemporary religion Buddhism and Jainism has strong connection with this place. The Tirthankar Lord Mahavira was born and brought up for 22 years near kundalgram. Apart from this, Buddha was a frequent visitor  and used to deliver his sermons at this place. It is believed that he delivered his last sermon here, making this place a pilgrimage for buddhists. The world second buddhist council was held here in 383 BCE.

Vaishali Travel Guide

[tabs][tab title=”Best time to visit”]Although The place can be visited throughout the year, but the best time will be from mid September to April.[/tab] [tab title=”How to reach”]Vaishali excavation site is well connected by road. One can reach from patna in 2 hours by road. The major nearest railway station is hajipur which have regular trains from all major cities. Patna is the nearest airport.[/tab] [tab title=”Where to stay”]One can choose to stay at hajipur which have several budget hotels, lodges and youth hostels. There are few dharmshalas near vaishali, one can choose to stay. [/tab][/tabs]


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