Rajmachi : A Road to Heaven Through the Hell

Rajmachi : A Road to Heaven Through the Hell

Rajmachi Bike Ride Trip

Its just the beginning and our bike surrendered to move ahead. It deeply got stuck in the mud and my friend kept trying to accelerate to make it move forward but of no avail except the mud scattering all around.

Welcome to Rajmachi, the road to the heaven goes through the hell if you dare to cross it. Its a 9 Km long trek near mumbai pune highway starting from Della adventure park in Lonavala near Mumbai. Located in sahyadri mountain range, it’s famous for a hill top fort and reaching there by road is an unforgettable adventurous experience.

It was really a very hectic week when we finally got break on Friday when we decided to go a place near Pune.

My friend suggested Rajmachi fort near Lonavala. I have never heard about this place earlier, neither I was interested in searching on Google as I was so tired. We just decided that we had to go early Saturday morning.

As usual, we didn’t make any preparation for the trip except setting the alarm at 6 AM. The plan was to gather at Bhumkar chowk at Mumbai Pune expressway and I was the last to join. In lieu of this my friends welcomed me with not so usual friendly gesture by words. I couldn’t say anything except silently listen their slang. We were 8 friends on four bikes. All the four bikes having capacity of 150 CC. It was peak monsoon season and raining heavily.

On the way to Rajmachi

When we set for the trip finally, it was raining lightly at Bhumkar. Our first stop was at a gasoline station at 2 Kms from Bhumkar chowk. Each bike got petrol of 400 INR which we thought enough for the round trip to Rajmachi. But was it enough???

 The journey started once again, and without any breakdown or other obstacles we reached Lonavala in one flow 60 Kms from Pune. We had our tea and breakfast there before moving further to our final destination Rajmachi. In few minutes, we were at the doorstep of Della Rajmachi stretch. It was raining heavily and roads were muddy and slippery. As we move further, the roads got disappeared and replaced by untrodden blend of mud and rocks. It was getting difficult to move ahead many a times, that too with a pillion rider.

We were moving ahead anyhow on that stretch, when we found a gang of bikers who were looking professional as they were riding 500 CC royal Enfield with all biking gears. We looked at our bikes and took the breath of relief as its only 350 CC difference. Was it big for such ways? Absolutely yes! However, we proceeded on the same way with high confidence but suddenly my bike scattered due to stone blended with mud and we fell down over the trek.

Bike in mud at Rajmachi Trek

My sandles got broken still I managed to ride the bike with that pair of broken sandles and simultaneously thinking that next time I must have have a good pair of Reebok shoes. After struggling and fighting against that trek, we reached at the base of the fort that was only the last accessible point by any vehicle. We took a breath of relief, finally after so much struggle we reached at the top of Rajmachi fort. We washed mud on our clothes in a flowing stream nearby.

Waterfall near Rajmachi Fort

It was too late and we decided to go back after covering half of the total distance from base to the top where fort is located. Though we all were hungry, ate the hot soupy Maggie at the same point.

On returning trip to Pune my bike underwent breakdown somewhere midway. I had to push my bike with the help of my friends from mid way to Lonavala Expressway to get the mechanic. It was very exhausting and seemed that my stamina was completely wiped out.  Mechanic checked the bike and changed the engine oil and said that now you would be able to reach Pune. At mid night towards Pune, bike broke down again and despite all efforts could not start. Finally we left the bike at an ice-cream parlor and proceeded towards Pune on three sharing basis over the three remaining bike.

Next day me and one of my friend went there to bring the bike back, we carried a rope for that.

Bike breakdown on return trip from rajmachi

I don’t know when a simple leisure trip got converted into an extreme adventure and it will be one of the unforgettable trips of my life till date.


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