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Selfie Danger Zones Created by India at Tourist Spots

A Graphical Representation of Selfie Danger Zones

Maharashtra and Karnataka Govt started to setting up Sign of “Selfie Danger Zones” at different tourist points in state

Maharashtra & Karnataka have issued selfie warning in the form of “Selfie Danger Zones” for the tourists along with setting signs at certain dangerous tourist spots. These two Indian states have become first to do so after direction released by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India recently in this regard to prevent any distasteful incident. As per this direction, it is essential to a putting-up sign of “Selfie Danger Zones” at tourism spots.

There is much death related to selfie came to light in past few months at different destinations. The most recent case of such death occurred in Tamilnadu when a 22-year young student fell down off a rock while trying to take a perfect selfie. Before this, a 20-year-old student drowned in Mumbai when she was flounced away by waves while taking a selfie at the beach surrounded by rocks. Similarly, in Jammu & Kashmir, a 20-year young boy fell from the roof of Reasi fort while preparing to take an ideal selfie.

Taking a perfect selfie and sharing with friends on different social media platforms have become a passion & fashion too for teenagers these days. They even don’t hesitate to take the high level of risk to death for this. Govt has to ensure to stop such losses of life and we hope, the initiative to setting up selfie danger zones at tourism sites might be a help to do so.

There is need to expand awareness among youths regarding selfie deaths to prevent any loss of life at certain tourist spots. Govt. is going to start such awareness campaign through social media, banners, and posters etc. In India, There have been 15 such deaths had been reported in the year 2015 which is a big concerned for the country.

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