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Shivpuri Best Visiting Places, Tourist Spots Shivpuri

Madhav national park, shivpuri,MP

Shivpuri is a small town lies south of Gwalior at a distance of 120 km and headquarter of Shivpuri district. Shivpuri is a major tourist place of madhya pradesh tourism due to its historical and natural significance. On one side it has a national park full of flora and fauna, ideal for wildlife tourism, on the other side, It is well enriched with multiple historical monuments and sculpture of the medieval and modern period.

Shivpuri best visiting places

Shivpuri has multiple tourist destinations within the city and in close proximity where you can visit. Some of the best visiting places of Shivpuri are:-

Madhav National Park

Madhav national park is located at a distance of 12 km from Shivpuri town on Shivpuri Gwalior road. The park covers an area of 354 Square KM and is named on Madho Rao Scindia, after his death who used to be the Maharaja of Gwalior. Madhav national park is also well known for its royal legacy as it used to be a part of scindia empire summer capital shivpuri. Even today, apart from diverse flora and fauna, The footprints of royalty can be viewed inside the park. The park remains open throughout the year and can be visited accordingly, but the best time is from September to March.

Wild animals in Madhav national park

Madhav national park is the natural habitat for a number of wild animals which mainly include deer, langur, Indian gazzele, sloth bear, leopard, nilgai, antelopes and many others.

Migratory and Indian birds in Madhav national park

Apart from this, The park also houses a number of species of birds including migratory birds from different parts of Asia and Europe. These migratory birds make their seasonal home specially in winter in and around chandpatha lake which lies inside the park. This is an ideal place for bird watchers as they can see different species of migratory geese, kingfisher, pintail, mallard and other common Indian species who have made the park, their home.

Steamer ride at Sakhya agar and Madhav Sagar lake

Artificially created over manier river in 1918, sakhya sagar and Madhav sagar lake add a feather to the park’s cap. Situated beside the park, A steamer ride by the sailing club into the lake provides a picturesque view of the entire park including the diversified flora and fauna. Both the lake are perennial due to directly connected with the river, however water level goes down during the summer season. Animals of the park can be viewed at the shores coming to quench their thirst. The lake also habitats python, crocodile and several species of fishes.

George Castle

George castle is situated at the highest point inside the park surrounded by dense forest. It was built in 1911 by the maharaja of scindia in honor of providing one-night accommodation to King George 5th, who planned to hunt a tiger while crossing the park area, on his India tour. Although he never came to the castle as he was able to shot a tiger on the way. The castle still stands tall and recently renovated.

Besides this, The park has multiple watch towers, sightseeing points from where tourists can get a mesmerizing view of the surroundings as well as the herd of shambhars and nilgai. Locating carnivorous depends on your luck in the daytime.

Scindia Chhatari

Constructed by scindia rulers as the memorial of their predecessors, Chhatrari is a canopy style monument, inspired by mughal architect and a must visiting place in Shivpuri. The place is spread over a wide area and houses a beautiful lake, park, temples and statues of deceased royal family members. Chhatari is also famous for its embossed embroidery over its ceilings and walls made up of marble rocks.

Bhadaiya Kund

Bhadaiya kund is located near Shivpuri, popular for its natural spring and medicinal values of its water. Although the stream is perennial but almost goes dry in the spring season. The best time to visit bhadaiya kund is during monsoon season.

Karera bird Sanctuary

A great place for bird watchers, karera bird sanctuary is located at a distance of 55 km from Shivpuri town. The sanctuary houses different species of birds. The primary objective of making this sanctuary in 1981 was to provide preservation to decreasing population of Indian bustard. Today, Karera bird sanctuary is also known as karera wildlife sanctuary due to being the natural habitat of different wild animals including elephant, leopard, monkey and tigers.

Besides these major spots, Other notable places visiting places in Shivpuri include Banganga, Madhav Vilas palace, and Panihar.


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