Chithirai Festival Madurai | Tourism Festival in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Government to boost ‘Chithirai Festival’ as major tourism attraction in the state

Chithirai festival Tamil Nadu

The Chithirai festival is regarded as the cultural symbol of Tamil Nadu and has registered its mark across the globe as the longest celebrations.

Now the Tamil Nadu government has decided to promote it officially to attract tourism in the state. The statement was released by cooperatives minister Sellur K Raja on 6th of May at the opening ceremony of first Chithirai Tourism cultural festival.

Various cultural events will be organized by the participation of the state government and many temples in Madurai and the surrounding area on this auspicious occasion. Tourists can be part of many major attractions in the festival which will last for 20 days. Tourism department of Tamil Nadu will arrange a special transport, most probably a bus to carry the visitors to this divine event while the car festival will be displayed on Monday. Courses of action have additionally been made to give them a chance to see the entry of lord Kallazhagar into the holy Vaigai River on Wednesday, 10th of May. The travellers would likewise get a chance to view a sequence of the cultural fest by troupes in the following six days.

 Experts associated with tourism industry believe that “the administration has been putting their effort on the potential of cultural tourism to take advantage as the source of a good income, yet, to give such festivals a more accurate form, it will have to do its job at least six months before the celebration begins, so that we can promote it through various mode of advertisement in foreign countries to attract the high number of tourists,” said, Dr G Vasudevan, the former president of Travel Club Madurai.

Geetha, who represents foreign students in South India, said that foreign students who come to Madurai to know here’s culture and heritage get very curious about the Chithirai festivals. Actually, some students increase their stay only because they learn a lot about these festivals. Some students want to stay to see the events but due to the expiration of visa, they had to back to their native countries. Anna from the USA is among one of them, she expressed her feeling and said that govt. needs to execute the decision on a priority basis to promote the festival as an important tourism attraction. Dr. Vasudevan said that he had been consistently in touch with locale administration, temple officials and police force to organise Chithirai festival without any obstacle. We have been continuously informing the general people about all the events related to this festival through various means for the past 6-7 years.

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