Torna Fort : The Toughest Test For Trekkers

Torna Fort : The Toughest Test For Trekkers


The name Torna in Hindi means to tear apart which justifies the challenges and difficulties you need to tear to get to the top of this giant Fort. Every trekker dreams of memorable trekking experiences. If you are one of those trekkers then WELCOME TO TORNA FORT.

The Torna Fort is approximately 65 km from Pune when you go through the Mumbai Bangalore expressway. I am lucky enough to get to the top of this fort twice and waiting for the 3rd Opportunity. My first trip to this fort was on 19th June 2016 along with my office friends and we were totally unaware of the destination. As usual, we did not plan anything and it has become a habit these days. The trip started early Sunday morning from Hinjewadi, Pune. We had 3 bikes and a total of 6 people. Full with the energy we approached the Mumbai Bangalore expressway. The traffic on the expressway was less and we were cruising towards our target. It was the start of the monsoon season and the view throughout the journey was at its best which cannot be described in few words. Our first halt was at Rajgad – Torna Trek Path. We did not have any breakfast so we took VadaPav there. The journey to the base of the fort starts after taking the right turn from the expressway at Rajgad – Torna Trek Path. The 30 km road to the base of the fort reminds you about the natures paradise. After driving for an hour on this road we reached to the base where you get the first look of the highest fort of the western region.

Torna Fort Trek Base

We parked our bikes there and bought 2 bottles of water. But was 2 bottles of water enough? We finally started the trek with an enthusiastic mood. At first, there is a small 2 feet narrow path on which you need to warm up yourself. But believe me, once you start walking on it, you get the real view of what is coming next. Me and my friends thought that is it possible for us to reach the top today? Watching the conditions of our female friends one of my friends said jokingly…’WE SHOULD REACH THE TOP ALIVE (Bhai jinda pahuchna hai upar)’. We motivated our female friend and said that this could be her lifetime achievement and this motivational speech did work for her. But still, we were in doubt to watch the condition. We were thinking that when should we come again if we could not climb it today?

Trekking to Torna Fort

By the time we covered a quarter of the total distance; the 2 feet road suddenly disappeared. There was no road anymore. You need to climb on big rocks to cover the remaining journey. Now the real test starts as my team members had been completely exhausted. Everyone need to show their monkey-crawl skill. We rested for some time there to recharge our battery before the toughest part of the journey starts. After resting for about an hour we started to go ahead. Climbing through the rocks was really tough. The biggest mistake what we did, was not wearing the proper shoes. We were really scared of each other as one step wrong could have given serious injuries. It became like a Do or DIE kind of situation. But there is a famous proverb in English “THERE IS A WILL, THERE’S A WAY” and we did get the way. We spent around 3 hours on such path with nowhere to go. Crawling slowly we finally reached the top of the fort. I was totally speechless so as my friends. The cold breeze blowing there gave us a new life. The fort is spread over acres but before that you need to eat something to gain energy. Since we did not bring anything to eat we were searching for food. Suddenly, we saw that an old person was selling Poha. We could not resist. We asked for 6 plates of Poha. It seems that it was one of the tastiest food we ever had in our life.

Eating Poha at top

After finishing Poha we had a look at our watches. It was 3 PM. We had taken around 6 hours to climb. I and my friends knew we have to get down as well. I was feeling frustrated as I could not cover the fort areas due to lack of time. At that point I decided we need to come again but this time in less duration. Then we started descending and we were at the base of the fort when the lights started to fade. I was not in the mood to ride the bike but I had to as no option was there. I saw my friends faces when we came back to the base successfully and there was a sense of happiness and achievement on everyone’s face.

At top of the Torna Fort

The trip to Torna was one of the memorable ones for me and my friends and since I promised myself that I will be coming again I revisited the fort last month with some new friends. This time we took only 3 hours to reach the top and we covered the unexplored part of the fort areas. There was an extra challenge associated with the trip when one of my dear friends lost the bike key when we came back to the base after a tiring trek. The search for the key and the key maker added extra adventure which is totally unforgettable. I hope to get such kind of experiences in my other journeys as well. I am very grateful to all my loving friends to share these beautiful snaps with me.

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