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Tourism in India


Tourism In India : An Overview

India is a land of 29 states, 7 union territory, uncountable regional languages other than officials, place where complete lifestyle being changed after every 200 km of distance along with rituals, costumes, cousins etc but still one thing can never be changed i.e. “unity of India” and this is the reason that India has become one of the best destination for the traveler community. Tourism in India might not end because of its great diversification.

Tourism in India

Presently, India is the largest and the most populous democracy in the world. “Vaishali”, located in the state of Bihar, was the first ever democratic state on planet earth here too. India is basically known for its history and culture which is very rich in nature and therefore it attracts a large number of travelers every year from all over the globe.
From a traveler point of view, I would say that a month may be enough to travel in India but it might be less to understand the diversification of India however it depends on the interest & choice of a traveler that what he or she actually wants to see under tourism in India?

India Tourism takes you to the blended world of Incredible destinations

If, as a traveler, you are interested in Indian history you need to explore and can take historical tourism to destinations such as Khajuraho, Agra, Rajgir, Konark, Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Patna, Jaipur, Udaipur etc The list is very long in this regard. If you are interested in natural heritage or wildlife, you should explore hill stations of the Himalayan region like Manali, Shimla, Dharamshala, Ladakh, Srinagar etc in India. Hill stations in western ghats like Munnar, Ooty, and Kodaikanal respectively located in the state of Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu. Rann of Kuchh in Gujrat, tiger reserves of Uttrakhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan etc. This category has also no limit to explore the places as tourism in India. If you keep interest in adventure tourism & adventure sports such as mountaineering, trekking, skiing you must move to the Himalayan range of North and North-East part of India. You may explore Goa for water based adventure sports along with world class beaches.

For fulfill the different activities related to tourism in India, it has a very good network of transport including road, rail, air and water. Almost all the major tourist destination is well connected with road, rail and air transport system but still, you should have all the research work done before arrival in India.
India has different kind of accommodation to welcome the travelers in different parts of the country with all major amenities. From budget class to luxury you can choose to accommodate yourself during your stay and overall tourism in India. Some of the world’s beautiful heritage hotels located in Rajasthan in India such as “Udaivillas” of Udaipur. Beside all these, there are many kinds of hotel, resort, floatel, motel, youth hostel, tented camps available as per specific destination within India.

I would not take you to much deeper in this post regarding tourism in India except a brief idea about overall tourism. You can collect much more information about different destinations and highlights in my upcoming post. It’s good to visit my website on a regular interval to collect that information and make your trip accordingly to get optimum satisfaction.

Rich history, magnetically gigantic geography, precious rituals, and culture, glimpsed glamour etc makes India a perfect destination and inspire the travelers from all over the globe to travel at least once in a lifetime to secure a place directly in heaven afterlife.