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Vamana Temple, Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu

Vamana Temple, Kanchipuram

Vamana Temple of Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu: A must visit place for Pilgrimage Tourists

The city of Kanchipuram has located just 70 Kms away from Chennai known for many temples. Kanchipuram city is one of the holiest places among seven salvation benevolent centre. Three and a half among those are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and equally dedicated to Lord Shiva. Thus we can say that half of Kanchipuram has occupied by Lord Vishnu and the half has occupied by Lord Shiva. Here, supposed to be believed about sevenKanchi which is divided into two parts- Shivakanchi and Vishnukanchi. The main part of Vishnukanchi is called Vamana Temple. This temple is situated close to Kamakshidevi Temple at the middle of the city. Even though Vamana temple has not a large ground, however; it is one of the unique temples among all in the city. Travellers can view a unique statue of Lord Vishnu here. As per Hindu Mythology Lord Vishnu had taken the Vamana Avatar and won over King Bali and therefore he called the name of Vamana. There is a 5-meter long statue of Lord Vishnu established which is made by black rocks. One of his feet symbolically looks like measuring the upper world and another one is kept on the forehead of King Bali. When you will reach here, the Priest of the temple will lead you to the show the statue’s face with the help of a flambeau. Pilgrimage cannot find such type of statue dedicated to Lord Vishnu anywhere else. Travellers have to give Rs. 2 as charity to enter the temple. There is another temple close to Vamana, which has a huge statue and dedicated to Lord Kartikey.

How to reach Kanchipuram:

Kanchipuram is very well connected from other cities of Tamilnadu by road and Rail. The nearest Airport is located in the Capital city Chennai. Pilgrimage can also easily reach Chennai by Rail. Chennai is well connected from Rail network from all major cities of India.

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