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Vishnupad Temple Gaya

Vishnupad Temple Gaya

Vishnupad Temple located in Gaya is an ancient temple dedicated to lord Vishnu and a holy pilgrimage for hindus.

Vishnupad temple is believed to be standing tall on the foot marks of lord Vishnu embossed over a rock. This rock is popularly known as dharmshila. The history of its actual construction is unknown but according to the popular Hindu mythology, In treta yug, Lord Rama along with his wife sita had visited this place. According to a popular legend story, Demon Gayasur  did a hard penance to get a boon from lord Vishnu that whoever see him would achieve salvation. The problem came as everyone was attaining salvation irrespective of their bad deeds in life. To stop this, Lord Vishnu asked Gayasur to go beneath earth so that no one could see him and he did so by pushing his head. In doing so, his foot marks remained over the rock which is known as Dharmshila today.

It is believed based on this story is that gayasur is still inside the earth at this place and must be offered food everyday otherwise he might come out.

The temple in its present form was constructed by the queen of Indore Holkar Dynasty, Ahilyabai in 1787. The height of the temple is 30 meters and supported by 8  pillars in rows. The architectural style of the temple is shikhara. Tourists visiting the temple love to climb 1000 steps of Brahmajuni Hill located at a distance of 1 Km from the vishnupad mandir. The view of the temple from the top is awesome.

Location of vishnupad temple

The temple is located besides the falgu river at chand chaura at a distance of 3.5 Kms from Gaya and 110 Kms from Bihar capital patna. Buddhists most sacred place bodhgaya which is famous for bodhi tree and mahabodhi temple is located at a distance of 15 Km.

Best Time to Visit

Vishnupad mandir can be visited throughout the year, but the best time can be during Pitrapaksha Fair held in the month of August/September. Hindus coming here can offer puja by their respective pandas( brahmins) and participate in pinddaan rituals for the peace of their ancestors.

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