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10 Wayanad Best Tourist Places

wayanad best tourist places

Wayanad district has become one of the increasingly popular tourist destinations in Kerala. The joint effort made by Kerala Tourism department and forest department of Kerala have done wonderful job towards bringing Wayanad as an emerging tourist destination of Kerala. The reach forest area of Wayanad is home for many endangered species. From last 1-2 years, Wayanad has also got recognition as a tourist site for adventure tourism in the state of Kerala. There are many famous places to visit in Wayanad including some great man-made attraction apart from the fabulous natural ones. We have prepared a list of 10 Wayanad best tourist Places only for you to make your Kerala trip memorable.

Chembra Peak

We have kept Chembra peak on first place among the list of 10 Wayanad best tourist places. This is the highest point of Wayanad district, situated at the altitude of approx 2100 meters from sea level. A heart shapes enchanting lake situated on the top of the mountain, which is main attraction among tourists. This lake is supposed to have never dried out. Travelers can access the Chembra peak by trekking. Trekking gears and guides are provided by Kerala Tourism promotion department’s local office which is to be found in a small town of Meppady, 8 km far from district capital Kalpetta.

Chembra Peak is supposed to be one of the Wayanad best tourist places located in Wayanad District

Phantom Rock

Phantom rock is another wonderful tourist attraction and secured the 2nd place in our list of Wayanad best tourist places, only 13 km away from Kalpetta. This site has great historical and archaeological importance because of the gigantic shape of blackish granite rock that looks like a skull or sphinx. One can enjoy the beautiful surrounding at the Phantom rock. You may feel a bit hot weather at this place so it is good to go there in evening or morning to avoid the heat. This place is good to do meditation and yoga as well.

Phantom Rock is very popular tourist spot in wayanad

Pookode Lake        

The magnetism of Pookode Lake will mesmerize you completely and the credit goes to its green surrounding area which has terrific view blended by hills and woods. The shape of this freshwater lake seems like India’s map. Although Pookode Lake is one of the major attractions in Wayanad so the area is a bit crowded in peak holiday season, however, you can enjoy a boat ride on the lake because the beauty of this lake will pull you to do so. The couple can take a romantic nature walk near the lake. Pookode Lake is just 15 km far from the district headquarter kalpetta and 3rd in the row of our 10 Wayanad best tourist places.

Pookode Lake is major attraction and one of the Wayanad best tourist places

Karapuzha Dam

Karapuzha dam is another huge dam on Kazapurha River, also a tributary of the main Kabini River and easily accessible from the Kalpetta (only 16 km) and other famous towns such as Ooty, Mysore, and Kozhikode which are located in the radius of not more than 125 km. We have kept this man-made attraction in number 4 among the list of Wayanad best tourist places.

Karappuzha Dam is a man made attraction located in Wayanad district of Kerala

Banasura Sagar Dam

Banasura Sagar Dam is one of the best Wayanad tourist places, located just 21 km from Kalpetta. The enchanting beauty of Banasura lake which is surrounded by green hills offers a good day out or picnic with friends and relatives. Travelers can enjoy a boat ride in the lake in this serene environment. The dam and a canal project had started in the year 1979 on Kabini River to solve the shortage of electricity, irrigation and drinking water problems for the villagers inhabited nearby. Beautiful location of the dam enforces the tourists to come and see the structure and thus became one of the most popular tourist spots in Wayanad district in Kerala.

Banasura Sagar Dam in Wayanad best tourist places

Edakkal Caves

Edakkal caves are located in the remote area of Edakkal, 25 km away from Kalpetta near Sulthan Baterhy area at the altitude of 1200 meters on hills of Ambukutty mala. This cave is particularly dedicated to pictorial writings by Neolithic man in 6000 BC. This Stone Age carving is rare and only known patterns from Southern India.

Edakkal Caves close to Kalpetta is one of the wayanad best tourist places

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island or Kuruvadweep can be called as an unexplored treasure of Kerala which is spread in approx 4 km²,  surrounded by evergreen forest and also uninhabited therefore many of richest and rare flora & fauna to be found. This island was almost unexplored for the tourists but in present time it has become one of the Wayanad best tourist places and quite popular too among domestic & foreign tourists. Although Island is surrounded by stream and river can only access by fiber boats and River rafts which are operated by KTDC. Travelers should have the permit to enter in this preserved area from the forest department because, at the time of heavy rainfall, elephants and other animals move very frequently and cross the river. It is also suggested that take detailed information about this spot from local tourist office located in Kalpetta under Wayanad district prior to visiting. Pulapally and Mananthavady are the nearest towns which are 10 and 17 km far away from Kuruva Island respectively.

Kuruva Island in Wayanad district is supposed to be very beautiful and Wayanad best tourist places in Kerala

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty fall is the biggest and most fantastic waterfall in Wayanad. A one of a kind component is that water slumps around 300 meters more than three phases. This is about 30 km away from Kalpetta town and to reach fall you have to trek almost 2 Km. The surrounding location is beautiful and will able to terminate all your tiredness in a minute when you will finally reach here. Meenmutty falls has successfully secured 8th position in this list related to Wayanad best tourist places.

Menmutty Waterfalls in Wayanad

Sita Lava Kusha Temple

Sita Lava Kusha temple is also famous pilgrimage tourist place to be explored located at a small village named Pulpally in Wayanad district. This temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Sita Jee and there is also a statute of Ram-Sita son’s Lava & Kusha. The temple is only 32 km away from Kalpetta and 25km from Sulthan Bathery. Sita Lava Kusha temple is unique in nature and considered to be the single one temple type in Kerala. There is a pond ‘Sita Kund’ named after Sita Jee that is largest in the area. There are some mythical stories associated with this temple and therefore tourist goes curiously to hear them at the site.

Sita Lava Kusha Temple Wayanad Best Tourist Places

Thirunelly Temple

Thirunelly temple is one of the best pilgrimage attractions in Wayanad district lies at the height of approx 900 meters above sea level in the beautiful hill of Brahma Giri. There is a statue of lord Vishnu inside the temple which is considered to be very old. Thirunelly temple is approx 54 km away from Kalpetta and 31 km from Mananthavady. At the end of our list of 10 Wayanad best tourist places, Thirunelly temple has been put in last but it does not mean that your judgment to ranked above all best tourist places in Wayanad should match from ours. It is just a piece of information and you are free to manipulate the rank as per your choice of selection.


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